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I know a lot of LW artists know about these links, but for the newer LW artist out there, here are some good links for you:

Plug-Ins: (a lot of good plug ins) (try the breakup plugin) (great starfield generator) (good fire and smoke plugin)

UV Plugins: (great UV Plugin)] (Gives a wireframe look to the polygons when rendering) not lightwave specific not lightwave specific not lightwave specific



DVD Tutorials:

Earth Tutorials and Maps: (cinema4d tutorials but good maps for the planets)

Artist sites:


ZBrush/Lightwave Plugins:

UV Software:

Software: Voxel Sculpting, UV Mapping, Retopology and Texture Painting Software CAD tools for Lightwave called LWCAD Creators of VoluMedic.



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Here is a link for some .ies lights. They have European and American style lights. I use it mainly for architecture type lights.

Erco .ies lights

Also to include with this is the Blender Fluids. This plugin is good and right now it is the best way to get some good fluids into LightWave without using RealFlow, Maya, or Houdini for support. It is a LightWave plugin for fluids from Blender to LightWave.

Blender Fluids -Splotchdog

Subdproxy :beer:


Some nice lighting guides:

Fire and Fluids

A great site



Vehicle Rigger and assorted plugins for Lightwave Vehicle Rigger

Character Rigging
Rebel Hill
Rebel Hill Character Rigging

Thomas 4D
Thomas 4D



Great Stuff Thanks!!


Here is an added website that is great fro Tracking Data and not expensive at all!

Transmotion -[Transmotion]( Utilities Pack - Download) :thumbsup:

Another addition to some Tracking software that only costs $99 is PFHoe. It is cheap as well and exports directly to Lightwave.


Here is a good way of lighting in Lightwave. The sIBL plug-in is for Lightwave and you can download an additional set every month. there is even an archive of sIBL sets for you to download. There is also a simple plug-in called Light B.I.T.C.H. (yes it actually stands for something). This plug-in works with HDRI Handbook. If you don’t buy the book you are going to get some annoying messages until you do. It’s $9.99 on Amazon for Kindle PC. Download it and answer the questions.

Light B.I.T.C.H. takes an existing HDR image and creates an actual lighting model for your scene based on the HDR image you use. You can set it up for as many lights as you want and control the lights through One Master Control! Check it out! :lightbulb


Anybody looking for the Make Human Program? Here is the link. Good Luck.

It’s open source.



V-Room Plug-in for Lightwave. They also have other plug-ins available that are free. Check them out if you can. This plug-in puts lit rooms into a dark building that has been created in Lightwave.


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