link, Jainai Jeffries (2D)


Title: link
Name: Jainai Jeffries
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

character: link
series: zelda
medium: blue pencil, pencil, photoshop

Just my own version of link. Posted at other places as well, and since fixed some things that were brought up. Now I’d like to share with cg, really need to post here more. Especially since I’m working on building my own cg style of coloring: I’m looking to have one without the line work and with the line work.

Thank you for looking! All comments welcome of course.


VERY beautiful, painted in such a painterly style - it has this traditional feel to it, which I love dearly. I also like the way you have handles the details and chose an original perspective. :3

Those arrows give some sort of a background and an additional story to this piece. It’s not just “some guy sitting on a tree”.

All around, it’s a great work and a great depiction of Link. Bravo!

PS. 5 *


I really like this image, especially the line work and the way the coloring adds texture and dimension. Congrats on a very original Link fanart :slight_smile:

The only thing that bugs me is the border, it just seems to stick out. Everything else has a very nice "traditional" media feel to it, that seems too digital.


I really like the lighting and how great the various shadows look. You actually made Link’s character design look interesting, ha! Awesome job!


Great painting! I like the expression and the colors very much.
You show movement very good!


Ahh, finally a pic that tells a story !

It’s very beautiful, I love the arrows idea :slight_smile:


I’d have to say that you’ve did a great job in visualizing this guy and detailing him in your style. Keep up the good work.


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