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Hallo everybody,
I’d like to know something about render passes (Render Elemetns) in Vray - Maya using LWF.
In Maya - Mental ray LWF, when you are ready with your rendering, you have to set up passes Updating mia_material_x to mia_material_x _passes before strating render passes. In Vray-Maya LWF, I didn’t find in any therad I read this process and I’d like to know if I can directly setup in Render Elements which kind of passes I need and than start to render or if I have to set up something special before render passes in VRay.
Of course i just tried to make Render Element passes and I obtained all my passes but for example, Specular and Z Depth are completely black… despite the fact that I had a light in the scene and a beveled cube…

In this image, switching to single passes, I can see rightly Diffuse, GI, Reflect, Shadow but… Specular and Z Depth are completely black…
Many thank!


You need to set up the min/max value for the zdepth in the render element.
As for the specular being black, I´m guessing it´s because you don´t have any specularity in your scene (try adding a reflection pass to see if that one works).


Hi Kyron,
I use these passes but specular and Z-depth passes are completely black. I don’t understand…

I attache my setup.
Many thanks!


As for the specular being black. It could be because you don´t have any specular in your scene like I mentioned earlier. Have you tried to recreate the beauty by adding the: reflection, refraction, lighting, specular, GI selfillumination and SSS ?

Regarding the zDepth, try and uncheck “use depth from the camera” and manually dial in a min/max value for the black and white depth.


Sorry, I’m starting with rendering in Vray…
what do you means with “you don´t have any specular in your scene”? I’ve a Vray Rect Light as you can see from chrome sphere reflection, and this light should create specular highlights in black box edges…
About recreate beauty what do you means?
Anyway, I deleted old passes and create new suggested passes but nothing change… SSS, selfillu, lighting …
Zdepth always black


[left]I mean a specular component. Just as your GI or SSS passes would render black if you didn´t have either in your scene :).

Can you upload the scene somewhere for me to look at? Also what version of Vray are you using?

If it´s a bug you should report it to the Chaosgroup site, I´m sure Vlado could fix it.


I use Maya 2012 *Mac osx( ] Vray 2.00.04

give me an email i send you maya scene, please.


I fixed the scene for you. Like I mentioned earlier you were missing a specular component in your shaders. You chrome had no glossiness and thereby only contributing to reflection.

I duplicated the shader and added a bit of gloss so you can see it. I also added self illumination and SSS to some objects so you can see that they work.

As for comping them: if you add all the passes in Nuke you should just use a merge node and set them to “Plus”. In AE or Photoshop it´s the “Add” function.

Your zdepth was also set really high. Because your scene is so small I manually changed the values for min/max black and white.


God bless you! tomorrow i fix my scene. Many Thanks!


Hi check now scene and is all right but the box “on the right” has still not any specular haghlight…

(and I don’t also know have you ut self illuminated).
I’d like just to have a specular highlights on a f.e. black box over the edges. In your fix scene , on the green box, we cannot notate any edge… also when I make of Selfillumination.



Not sure what you are asking, I can see English isn´t your first language but I will try to do my best to answer.

  1. I made a selfilluminating object (the box) and a refractive sphere and SSS sphere, just so you did not have any empty render passes. And to make sure they weren´t bugged.

  2. If you want a specular highlight you need two things. A shader with reflection on and glossiness set to something below 1.0.
    If you create a Vray mat and assign it to an object and it does not show any specularity, chances are that you have not followed the above mentioned steps.

  3. If I misunderstood please let me know.


Hi K,
1 - Sorry for my English… :frowning:
2 - I obtained finally what I wanted:

I’ve just right bevel the Edges and set up Reflection Colors and Reflection Glossiness. Now I can see also specular highlights on the edges in Specular pass (VFB)
So, really many, many thanks!


Glad I could help. I never thought about looking at the actual geometry in your scene, but like you mentioned, you have to have a bevel of some sort in order to catch a specular highlight :slight_smile:


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