Linear work flow for Vue Materials and Ecosystems


Linear work flow for Vue Materials and Ecosystems

Hallo everybody,
I have read that many material for Vue are not good for a linear work flow recently introduced in all professional work flow .
I’m starting with Vue 10 and I’d like to know which kind of material and ecosystem are compatible with linear work flow and where can I find these item.
Many many thanks!


Vue support linear workflow from version 9, if i remember correctly. You can go in options and set Global value for materials, by default 1.2. You can also set value for each material. And in post render option you can set linear value as well.
i recommend check tutorials at


Hi G,
I’ve posted the same thread there…
no answers…

but probably we can make the best answer here:

Of course I’ve seen three tutorials on site, were very helpful but probably we have the best answer here:

Could be awesome to have also you comments about…!



lets move to the geekatplay site this topic. Sorry for delay in reply’s.


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