Line el


lin el 3



anua 2




drawn run


drawn run 2


drawn grab


done in an hour and 15 minutes
drawn bar


zrin poses


this does not show it but this is an unusually flexible rig. the character was built to fit the rig not the reverse.
will post others that better show flexibility


finnei shape
this may not look impressive but the shape I can have it take. is not preset. bones no morph targets


finnei 2


finnei walk

i did this walk just to show the ruffles were animated. but became side tracked by the walk


finnei wave

i dislike the stiff arms that are common in 3d. a loose arm


finnei walk3
a more standard arm motion


finnei flip


can someone look at this and let me know if this is readable. last night I was forced to use a computer other than my own. and I noticed the animation was playing back 3 times faster than it is on my computer. this is a problem with playback speed. I slowed down the fps of the video file

drawn bar 3


anua swamp


anua swamp 2


anua swamp 3


facial test