Linda's thread of… stuff (nudity)


So, er, I thought I’d make one of these. At some points, yeah, I will post WIPs in here… for the most part, I suspect I’ll post sketches, tiny paintings that just won’t be big or complicated enough for the gallery (and rarely for my site), and other things I do that I find fun but not serious enough. There’s just a lot of stuff I never show anyone, really, because I have nowhere to put them.

Hm… I’ll start off with a few pictures I’ve posted here and there, before. My Urban Dead Characters. I suppose I’ve been in a zombie-mood as of late, because of that game. Mostly it’s been fun for me to sit down and make portraits that are very atypical of me – these might be girls and they might be sort of pretty, but they’re not elegant and graceful and enticing by any means. At least I hope not.

These portraits were all done almost exclusively in Painter.




(yes, I accidentally left the birth mark out >__< I’ll try to add it later)

Secondly, I’m finally getting around to the roleplaying game campaign that I painted The Ladies of London for, way, way back. Yay! I’m working on finishing some NPC portraits and concept sketches for it that might be essential for the pure fun of the game.

Since I’m still stuck in zombie-mode, I decided to paint one of the puppets that will show up in my Victorian London. I decided to make her nude. I don’t paint nude characters often so I thought I could take the liberty this time – as the puppets themselves are very, very rarely dressed (raised as they are from the morgue). I don’t find the nudity tasteless, and I hope you don’t, either.

I wanted to paint her a little less than traditionally beautiful, with relatively small breasts and wider hips and legs. She took me longer than I had expected, and I decided not to do a background for her – it felt as if she, and the painting as a whole, just wouldn’t benefit that much, and I don’t feel like spending all those additional hours on what is, really, just a concept painting that I’m sure the players will glance at and then not think about, once they’ve encountered her. Painted about 50/50, Painter and Photoshop.

This one in particular will be the, er, ex-friend of one of the characters in the story… the encounter with an old acquaintance in such a state will hopefully be more than a bit unsettling. MWAHAHAHAH.


For my next update, I’ll try to make the pictures a little less ghoulish, I promise. In closure, I’ll share the latest Azreality strip I did, after I had seen Corpse Bride.


As usual with your work I totally love it. I have to say that I particularly love “Soot”. It has a look of borderline innocence/turmoil that I find very interesting.

As I had said, overall great work here, I am looking very forward to seeing more.


Grymt! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting your wips and scetches, your a true inspiration! Not just your style and so but your continuing efforts and your strife to always make it better. Always pushing the limits. Thats the most inspirational thing about your work.


Lovely work Linda,

Several smiles looking thru this thread. Very nice mood and tone captured in each piece.


About freakin’ time Linda! :smiley: I like seeing the tiny sketchy workings of your crazy brain.

Now post many thingssssss…


Cool, you started a thread. Fantastic work, I love your skin temperatures and your knack for translucency.


Great stuff Linda,I see you’ve grown attached to the pallete knife.^__^Now I’m hoping you’ll do a tutorial(preferably skin)for all the Painter users.Wishful thinking,at least you came over half-way to our side.^_*


this is something new linda~glad to have u post ur artworks in the wip forums,would definitely love to see more:scream:


Great work! :thumbsup:






I think its safe to say that I would kill to paint that good. Yea. Definatley safe.


<- Loving Glitz so much sigh

Edit Lin, I’m glad you are finally picking up your Victorian RPG, I really am.


Awesome awesome awesome.

As they said, thanks for sharing.

The new one (puppet girl) is very nice, and in fact, I had been wondering recently if you ever painted nudes. The hands, though, are my favorite part. Your hands and faces are so good, you know. Putting information together, it seems the next artistic tool I need to save up for after having bought the long-desired tablet last summer, is a nice little digital camera to snap reference shots of hands, poses and faces. One thing I’d love to be able to do, is create my own reference to work from (because then I could more easily try to draw whatever I want). The more one works from reference and from life, the better one is able to work from the head, and that will eventually lead to sufficiently realistic drawings done without reference at all… or so I am attempting to convince myself into believing the progression of. And such a tool would probably speed that sort of thing up.

[/rambling] :shrug:

Again, very nice works! I hope you continue to post in this new thread.


('twas about darn time :D)

I find zombie!Hushed veeery pretty. Even prettier than her human form. Errm.

I love what you did with the puppet girl, because it’s nice to see a real-looking girl every once in a while :slight_smile:
Tasteless nudity is far, far away from what you (and most artists) do :wink:


Nice doodles, u paint alot?

I really wouldn’t give up just yet, i think u gots potential
to do some pro stuff some day :thumbsup:



Whaaa hehe, nice reply squib :slight_smile:


(sorry - I didn’t know what else to say)



squibbit - go and cast your vote for “newcomer most probable to make it” in the general discussion!:scream:


It is exciting to see these wips as they are slightly different from your usual work.

I don’t find the nudity tasteless

tasteless…err no… how about fascinating? Enchanting? awe-inspiring?

I wanted to paint her a little less than traditionally beautiful, with relatively small breasts and wider hips and legs.

Apart from the fact that I still think she’s got quite thin legs and hips (it’s just that the waist is even thinner, lol) having seen this I am convinced that the only thing you will have a hard time painting is make anything come out in an ugly way.
Heck, even the half-rotten zombie faces look attractive.

I think it’s because you can depict forms so masterful one cannot but feel happy staring at them…


They are all lovely, but I especially like Hushed nr2, the eyes, the fleshy cheek, well everything about her. Amazing work, really!


Great work Linda

Have to ask, before winning the Master & Servant contest and getting as one of he prizes Painter, had you worked with this program at all? I know you worked mainly in Photoshop before and now I see on these paintings you said you’re using Painter.

If you are using it more now, how do you like it? Was it a big switch from Photoshop for you in getting used to the way it works and it’s brushes? Also, which part of Painter do you mainly use? The Artists oils or what?

Just interested. I’m always fascinated by the actual “craft” of the artist as well as the art itself.