Linda Bergkvist's Ailill- Minor Details


I bookmarked Linda’s work, titled Ailill on my computer, and two other computers. After checking out the hand that lay on the character’s chest, I wonder why there is this completely blocked out area where half the hand, from the curve of the inside of the thumb to the pointer finger have a strange texture to the skin while the right side of that line is very generally smoother than the left, without any blotches or brush “details”.

I moved my head around just enough on my laptop to be able to see that, and I’m wondering if anyone else knows about this technique, or this change between textures RIGHT there on the hand? I even have a copy I saved to my computer,


not sure I know which one this is…do you have a link?
(Sorry Linda…:))



I’m guessing she did this because directly lit ares have a lot of detail to show but areas which get secondary and ambient light have a more blended appearance because the light is comng from many directions at the same time., they don’t require the extensive texturing, which probably takes a lot of time.

Same reason why textures are shot on cloudy days, to eliminate lighting from as much as possible.

A link would come in handy though.


Link to submission on CGtalk
About the tecniques, you could check Lindas tutorials.
By the way, what happened to Linda? I’m starting to miss her. I’m getting a little worried here.


I agree, she hasn’t posted anything for several days now, and she usually posts everyday. I’m worried too


she’s probably busy with some work (which is a good thing for sure), she’ll be back, don’t worry :wink:


Creating visual complexity perhaps without destroying the pictures underlying quality…texturising layers and stuff, like partly bleached old photographs. Fun to guess actually.

hmm… it does shift attention towadrs her face more, maybe that’s the idea. Everything is for effect in art I think. But it beats me for sure.


I’m still standing in awe every time I see it…a work of beauty indeedy.


Hi :]

I really can’t say exactly why I’ve textured what and how, in a piece like this. I often use a wild mixture of photographic textures (photos I’ve snapped of tree bark, stone, etc) and textures that I’ve painted in Painter, for instance, to get an effect like this. I often add more textures to specific colours or specific shadows or highlights to create nice visual effects - sometimes without there being any other explanation than that I feel that it ‘looks’ good. In retrospect, I’ve found that this picture was a failure. It’s much too photorealistic and without any interesting points beyond its realism. Fun as an exercise… but, I feel, it doesn’t have that much more to add. Funny thing about pictures like that, though, is that you learn a lot from them. This one taught me a whole lot about textures in skin and face and hair.

Ailill has a lot of textures in it. Some of them used as softened layers (which is an excellent way to create some ‘life’ in something that looks otherwise smooth) and some painted on top of the rest on separate layers and then flattened down. Texturing some areas heavily and smoothening others is a nice and simple way to bring attention from one point to the other.

And sorry if I’ve not been around much lately. I’m working on a super cool thing that I can’t really talk about now (if ever) and I’m pretty stressed out. Also, it’s spring here now. I’ve spent all my spare time with the cat in the sun (not a lot of spare time, but what little I have).


What I really want to know is how you make your stuff glow– Ingres had it, you do too but I’m beat if I can figure out what it is!

…top secret stuff?


She could be painting pictures of world leaders in comprimising postions in a daring plot for world power, she could even be painting you as we speak!!!
And linda I think your textures look great in all your pictures, but the I think the second lady in that collection is slighty disturbing.


Yes paople, be forewarned…Linda could be maiming your naighbours as we speak. Hide your children and grandmama’s…it is nigh…



Well, it’s a very strange form that the hand took on in Ailill. I suppose, it didn’t really give very much difference because my untrained eye just assumed that the skin on the right of the hand was exactly the same as the left when looking from the Normal VIEW, but when detailed, it just blew my shirt off…It’s still very good, for exercise, it’s very special. I do know that through the tutorials you bring up a lot about using different brushes and textures and different colors to bring out that real “glow” in the realistic skin. Thnx, and also, I’m hoping to help by buying your book.


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