L'imitation, Rolhion Js (3D)


Title: L’imitation
Name: Rolhion Js
Country: France
Software: Zbrush 2

Hi all, Here’s a small image made with Zbrush2. I first created the 3D mesh from Zpheres, and then added details to a high poly mesh near 2 millions polygons. Hairs are added in 2.5D under Zbrush2 using the hook brush.


:slight_smile: ohhh strike ! love so much your artworks , really good job one more time !


Totally front page.


yip yip! frontpage, nice work:thumbsup: zbrush rocks:buttrock:


great details man, that’s insane!

did u intend to make the hand so deformed?


Hi Strike,

Beautiful picture, I am not a CG artist by myself - but I really admire this place over here for inspiration since I write in spare time and all works here really shine on the imagination aspect of things and always are a good way to leverage myself in the right mood.

A question from my side, which arises when I stare for some time at your pic, what was the idea behind this creature, if there was any at all, based on your title for it, it has something to do with imitation I guess. When I don’t focus on it, it really seems as if it bears another form inside… is it intended or just a coincident inflicted by the structure/shades?



terrible une fois de plus :buttrock:

the design is a bit confusing, texture and rendering are awesome !!


Thanks ! :slight_smile:

here’s the shaded version before texturing and rendering


as alway i am really impressed by your talent …

i am not so much in the kind of subject your choose…
but i recognase your own and unique style


hey thanks xtrm3D ! :slight_smile: So how are things ??

here’s some shots from the wip


terrifiant, la main me gene un peu dans le design mais le rendu est superbe


wow that skin is so great


Awesome , I loved . Painfull but , I think its not so awesome in other angles .
:applause: :bounce:


what impressive modeling !
wondermul ! :thumbsup:


great work:deal:


Thanks ! Here’s a small explanation about this name.


Oh man, i just love this… That explenation/evaluation is so beautiful. And the pic, its so dark asnd grotesque. :love:Great piece of cg there!


Oh my god! That’s an insane piece of work! Frontpage quality!


cool! Very organic feeling. As Dareoner said, the design of the hand could be better (considering the rest of the character). A little bit of Mimic in there (also in the explanations), am i wrong?



Man I love it the more I look . good that u didnt write the motives in the first image , I belive good imagens dont need explanations , and all u wrote now I felt .

Great job