Lil Otto's Walk of Doom


Remember me? I’ve made progress.

RENDERED and MUSIC: all keyframe animation. No dynamics.

20 or so second clip, enjoy. for full size render, im me, running out of webspace.
(quicktime format, 5 megs)


79 views and no replies.

Apparently not worth a comment? Even a crit or two.



it’s a kind of nice and funny concept, but the thing is it’s too short to really judge it well.
You’re showing a clip where nothing really happens, maybe you could choose a better selection, even though the best would be to show the whole thing.



it is just meant to show his motion, his walk.


haha that’s cute, you making another version with kids?

my only crit is that the claws don’t look like they are grabbing onto the ground and destroying the cement, they are just like banana peels that conform to the ground and it looks sort of wierd, not powerful like the ones in the movie. Also, to make them stronger, make them come down a lot faster.

Otherwise, very cool… nice hair movement and everything :thumbsup:


cool, thank you for the crit :slight_smile:


now im no expert when it comes to animation but this one looks cool.

i like the style of the characters and the music is good to …

keep it up

what program did you use?


Is this a project that you are working on, cause shouldn’t it be in the WIP section…? …Unless it’s a finished walk cycle, that is;)

I like the cycle, and the motion that is carried by Otto as each arms shifts. One thing that struck me as off, was the claws. They look like banana peels, and they move like banana peels. Even though this is a cartoon, they don’t feel very mechanical. That’s just me though;)

I like the character and the spiderman character looks awsome, a good short would make this sweet too! :applause:


to rig the long leg things, did you just use a bunch of bones? I agree with the banana peel thing with the claws, they should appear more stiff. Good animation though, I’d like to see more.


i like the shift in his weight. it is pretty believable. i notices that the octopus arms get a little angular near the top. you may want to add some more bone segments if that is the method that you used. also, he seems rather emotionless. that may be what you were going for, and if it is, that is fine, but i think it would be more interesting and dynamic if he were more aggressive and kind of driven. right now it seems like he’s just going at his leisurely pace.


Very nice Nick. You know I’m a big fan of secondary motion and dynamic type stuff, and this shows it really well. Hate to give you such a soft crit but I don’t have anything bad to say :slight_smile:

If you ever need some emergency webspace let me know.


First off, thank you all very much for the great comments and crits.

xbox - I used Maya

neiy0 - you’re not the only one actually, most have said the same thing about his claws. I was going for cartoony, but it is bothering far too many people, so i’ll work on making it more concrete.

glennyP - I used a good set of bones, and then a stretchy rig very similiar to the spine of the other characters. It’s not perfect for there are errors at the end if the claws and tentacles are too short, but i’m no rigger. :slight_smile:

jearley - yea, he’s just pleasantly walking :slight_smile: I do plan on making him angry as well, a quicker more angsty walk.

Ben Barker Buddy! - It is good to hear from you, I hope to hear more of how you are doing with everything. I am quite proud of my secondary motion hair, tie, and glasses and am glad you noticed. I’m quite pleased with my hair rig.

I am actually, within the next week or so, am finishing up my Boy Genius short I started awhile back. I decided to go back and redo, revise, and add to the animation i had before. It’s interesting how much you learn in a quarter when you reanimate something and give it more life. This short deals with otto and Spidey in a classroom, 4th grade or so setting. It will be a blast and fun to watch.

Again, thanks for the C&C.


Gday mate,

hahahaha, love the concept… SPIDERMAN KIDS! the animation of the tentacles is pretty smooth and the way he bobs around is pretty well done as well. The only thing i can suggest is maybe detailing the tentacles a bit more… Doctor Octopus’s arms had lots of rivets and spines and nuts and bolts etc on them, even if its just a poly extrude in and out all the way down, it’d look even more effective

Look forward to seeing them duke it out! :buttrock:


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