Lil_Mick - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


I think I’m gonna have to find time to give this one a try.



wow, I’m lame. I say I’m gonna do this then I don’t post anything. I actually have stuff done for this sesion, but I have the BIG problem of not haveing the internet at home. I’ll try to bring something in tomorrow to post. I really want to finesh this one.



I finally managed to bring some stuff in, but I’ll keep working on it and trying to post updates. Now if I can only figure out how to post these animations. lets give it a try…

this is sad

hmmm. anyone out there know how I can post an animation?



You can use my server.

Send me a PM and Ill send you my e-mail.

I have to take it off once the contest is over.



cool thanks man. PM on the way.



Try again…

My inbox was full



PM take two. Should be there now


lil mick??



im workin on it!!



Nice animation Mic.



nice so far,
I think the timing is a bit off on his left hand, looks a bit floaty.
and I’m assuming he’s sniffing something? if so, maybe short quick inhales would work better than that single long inhale.
nice start :slight_smile:


I guess I have a hip fetish today…When he turns, his body should turn, slightly, with his head, meaning that the turning action starts @ the hips. Right now your character’s neck looks like an elastic neck because the body is not turning with the head.



I agree with monster and vrljc…

The first shot is working nice, you need to work more on the second shot. The timming is too slow, you should straight his body to show more tension on him and add STAGGER too. Don´t forget to straight his legs before jumping to show more wieght. You can offset his legs too.

It is looking cool… keep working!



cool, thanks for all the comments:

monstersauce: I see what your talking about with the sniffing look. I think I was just haveing him scratch the under part of his nose, but I can see how that’s confusing. I try to get to fixing that. The inhale might give the sniffing impression.

vrljc/MrSolo: appreciate the comments, Hopefully these were addressed enough in the update I have coming later






Wow! This animation has come a long way. I like how your eyes are leading the head into the body turn. Consider adding more of an arc to the head turn, meaning that his head should drop half way through the turn to form the arc, see what I mean? I think it will make it more believable.

I really like the scare action. One thing about the landing though is that it has no weight, and I think you can add more weight very easily by speeding up the fall to the landing by maybe 1 or 2 frames. But here is the biggy that will add a lot more weight, and that is keep his feet from swimming once he has landed. Plant em!

Great job!



Looking good. I agree with vrljc about the landing. He has a really soft landing and small follow through for such a big jump. Think of him hitting the ground hard after the leap similar to say… a cow dying after its been struck with a evil power. The only other thing that bothers me a little is the way that his right arm is swinging. It feels like with the momentum of the jump and the direction he is going would make his big arm movements swing backward instead of forward. I’m just being picky.

Hurry up and finish so you can play snowboards tomorrow.


I’ll try to make some of the changes mentioned, thanks for the input. I went back and smoothed things out a bit. I’m not sure if I’ll get things done in time to post it. I mean, I’ll finesh it, but I’ll do what I can to get it posted. Not having internet at home sucks!



being at work on saturday sucks more…


being at work on sunday when all your friends are snowboarding sucks even more…