lil' chick walker


Ok, here’s the concept:

This here lil’ chick(en) is tired of having to hop around, so he made himself a “chicken-suit” to help him cover more ground. He figured it should be a temperature regulated suit to keep himself warm and cozy as well. He will be using water to heat and cool the system I think.


Here’s what the leg will kinda look like…except for the top part…you get the idea


I am really excited about your sketchs (sweet detail). What a great concept to have a chick getting tired of hopping around. Get your model on…


check out all those gears and such at the joint!
sketches look good - > can’t wait to see the model in progress:thumbsup:


Here’s my chick


Ok, I couldn’t help myself. Just one more sketch to explain the vision. I promise I will start modeling TODAY!:thumbsup:


hahaha that is so cute “positive attitude” lol, that made me laugh. I can’t wait for the model. Is there going to be an animation?


We’ll see about the animation. I’ll have to learn how to rig a model to do so, but it sure would be fun to have it come to life!


I really like the concept of the chick walker’s torso looking like an egg. Thats all for now…


Well, looks like I lost half my thread. I’ll start adding back the images that were there before all the server changes.


here’s the wireframe for now…more updates later today.


here’s more. stay tuned…


let’s see that knee joint worked up with all those cool cables and gears…:bounce:


Cool! 3D package?


Max 5 w/ Brazil :wavey:


The concept is nice and detailed. Cool work with the modeling so far :thumbsup:


Working on the connection area. I will get more detailed as I go…any comments so far?


here’s some detail…


HOw did you get from some flat polygons to that grill on the leg?


Man this project is coming along very nice. I have to say I really like the subtle detail…So far the connections look very believable. I really like that you are staying with the “egg” concept in the connections of the leg. Keep jammin…