like a crumpled newspaper

  1. I was wondering what settings I need to play with if my cloth decides to crumple up like a drawing you hate and want to get rid of. It starts out fine but within a few frames it all balls up.
    2)and what does Mass Density do for the simulation. Is that the denseness of the material?

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I think my envelope was too high and that caused the crumpling
but I’m still confused about how Mass works with Mass Density. Supposedly, the formula is
mass density = 100*(LL)/M
or =100
(length unitslength units) / Mass
mass density = 100
(.01*.01)/ (Syflex>Info (ex. Syflex: total mass= 0.28193) ) =0.035469…

but when I plug the calculated mass density in it always tears off him or something. Are these Java calculations just an approximate number or what am I missing?


About the crumpling, I think that maybe you shud increase the values of Shear/Bend Stiff and Damping at the same time.
To the Mass Density, I think maybe you shud check out the scene scale of your character. That makes different values.

hope these wud help you …


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