LightWave v9 Open Beta – Available Now


NewTek is pleased to announce that the LightWave v9 Open Beta program is now available for the 32-bit PC and 32-bit Mac (PowerPC) platforms. The 64-bit PC platform will be available later today or tomorrow.

 If you have not already, please visit our LightWave v9 Open Beta FAQ before applying for the program. [](

If you qualify for the program by qualifying for a free upgrade to LightWave v9 or by pre-purchasing the upgrade to LightWave v9, please log-in to your NewTek product registration account at Click on the LightWave v9 Open Beta banner at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

   If you are registered with NewTek Europe, please visit the NewTek Europe site at []( for more information. 

If you do not currently qualify for the Open Beta program, but would like to participate, you may still do so by purchasing an upgrade to LightWave [8] with a free upgrade to LightWave v9, or by pre-purchasing the upgrade to LightWave v9. Both of these offers include e-on software’s Vue 5 Infinite and W-Tools’ LWCAD until LightWave v9 officially begins shipping.

 You can purchase LightWave directly from NewTek online at []( or by phone at 1-800-368-5441. You may also purchase from your local authorized NewTek reseller. To find the Authorized reseller near you, in North  America visit [](, or outside North America visit [](


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh talk about trying to dodge the bullet


Anyone else have trouble getting their serial code to go through? I’ll email Newtek about it and hear back in about 10 days. Have fun playing with LW9



I preordered for the upgrade/open beta program yesterday. Do I have to wait for the vue package to get my 10 digit ID?


So I need to purchase the upgrade before getting the beta…



I registered it, got th econfirmation emails, but when I log onto my registered products, and select the lw 9 beta, I don’t see lw 9 bet sdownload links… all I see are the lw 8 download links!

So near and yet so far…



I’m not allowed to discuss anything here. maybe go to Newtek’s beta forums and see if you can get help there?


The link to the downloads is included in the email, you cannot seem to get to it directly from the registration page…
I hope that is generic enough so Newtek lawyers do not get angry with me…


That did it! the link looked like a link to the regular registered product pages, but was slightly different.

Thanks MUCH!


Well I submitted the info requested and never got the confirmation email - grrr…

Submitted it again and it said I appear to already be registered.

So much for LW9 tonite, back to the girlie and Valentines day…



Have Infinite Vue package, but no 10 digit serial number on it.
emailing Newtek to find out what is happening…


are you sure you need a vue infinite package? the 10 digit serial number is in the beta email.

the newtek beta forums are open, so check those out.


First off, Hello to everyone. I’m new here.

But, No, you don’t need a vue number. All the numbers come in emails so, read everything in the emails and the FAQ! I have mine functioning.

And thanks to Newtek, I’m looking forward to learning 3D.



Sorry I haven’t been answering any questions here today. As you can probably imagine, we’ve been a little busy today. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to provide some general answers to what I see here. I’ll try to handle them all in order.

  1. We were experiencing some bandwidth issues this morning that were affecting registration. That should all be cleared up now.

  2. Unfortunately, you will need to wait for your Vue package to arrive. This program isn’t going to end tomorrow or anything, so you have some time though.

  3. You need to qualify for a free upgrade based on when you purchased LightWave [8], or have pre-purchase the LightWave v9 upgrade to participate in the Open Beta.

  4. The software download link is in the email that contained your LightWave v9 Open Beta serial number.

  5. If you have not received the email, there are some issues with the fact that the new server block we purchased from our ISP to greatly improve our bandwidth was formerly held by a company reknowned for spamming. Some ISPs have not updated their information about the ownership of this block yet. Please check with your ISP to make sure they are not blocking emails from us.

  6. If you received Vue 5 Infinite from NewTek, and there is no 10-digit LightWave code on it, you will need to contact Customer Service for assistance.

  7. You do need the code from the Vue 5 package if you pre-purchased LightWave v9, rather than qualifying for a free upgrade based on purchase date.

If you still have questions, please feel free to post them, and I’ll do my best to check this thread on a regular basis from now on.


Well I have a Yahoo email account, I have received all your other beta notification emails - why haven’t I received the email that was supposed to be sent on the signup page after entering my info?

Do I need to register v9 with the serial number off the Vue package first?




Does the NDA restrict ALL communication about LW9? Does it refer to specifics like features and implementation or is it all covering. Guess I’m interested to see what people have found from a stability point of view (I know it’s a beta) - Just interested.:slight_smile:


DMack - With most NDA’s you’re not even aloud to acknowledge you’re actually under NDA, let alone discuss anything related to it… it’s like Fight Club.


I received three emails since I preordered, containing an PO#, an Order# and a tracking#. So I guess I am waiting for an LightWave v9 Open Beta serial number to be emailed, and a 10-digit LightWave code to arrive with my Vue 5 package before I can download and use the beta.

I sure Newtek has its reasons but a one click quick download would have provided quicker access to the beta, after all they have relevant client information when an order is placed/processed.


“You can purchase LightWave directly from NewTek online at

I wish I could, but there is no way to add a Canadian (or other) address to the shipping info page. It only allows for American addresses to be entered in the “State” drop-down box. I have emailed Newtek several times about this and never heard back from them. I guess they don’t want Canadians to buy from them!


This is something that our web team has been trying to resolve with the eCommerce provider. You can still purchase directly from NewTek by calling our Sales department at 1-800-847-6111.