LightWave v9.6 Released


NewTek is pleased to announce that the fifth free update to LightWave v9, for Windows 32-/64-bit and Mac OS X CFM and UB is now available on your My Downloads page. This new release offers a huge boost to stability with over 625 issues corrected and feature requests implemented, along with parity between the Windows and Mac OS X versions.

Among the new benefits LightWave v9.6 offers artists are:
[li]FiberFX Cloning - Provides the ability to place multiple instances of hair on the same object [/li][li]Layout Snapping - Allows the quick connection of one item to another, saving time and additional steps [/li][li]Ray Cutoff - Enables artists to decide at what point to stop further ray bounces when rendering a scene with a great deal of reflections, refractions and transparency, saving significant project time [/li][li]New and Improved Buffers for Export - Enables multi-pass pipeline users to output more buffers (layers) in high dynamic range, rather than be limited to 8 bpc (bits per channel), for greater flexibility [/li][li]Multi-Threaded Pixel Filters - Provides faster rendering for projects that integrate pixel filters [/li][li]Depth Buffer Normalizing - Allows 3D scene elements exported into film or video footage to automatically blend properly, even if moving relative to one another [/li][li]Open to Other Render Engines - Other rendering engines conforming to the LightWave v9.6 SDK can be used directly from within the LightWave interface[/li][li]Three New Nodes[/li][LIST]

[li]Car Paint: Greatly eases the creation of a complex polished surface [/li][li]Flake: A procedural texture based upon the flakes often seen in car paint [/li][li]Curve: Allows the creation of complex gradients [/li][li]Drag and Drop - Allows an icon of an object or scene to be directly dropped into the Modeler or Layout window to load[/li][/ul]

[I]“LightWave’s strengths lie largely in its straightforward workflow which makes it possible for a single artist to take a shot from conception through modeling and animation on to the final shot and its powerful and easy to use modeler.”

“In 9.6, you can set the near and far points to output a consistent z buffer. This is very useful for artists doing ‘3D’ compositing.”

“LightWave 9.6 has had a lot of ‘under the hood’ work done to the render engine to improve speed but also to improve efficiency. The render statistics window showed the global illumination calculation taking almost half as much time under 9.6 as it did under 9.5.”[/I]
– Digital Media Net

Go and get LightWave v9.6 now from your account


If you don’t have it already (beta testers ;)), go and get it! It’s a great release. The most solid release of Lightwave I’ve ever used.

Lots of new features, especially for CA and the improved (and much optimized) render engine.


Is there a Demo version? The website shows a “9.6 Trial Edition Download Now”

When i click on the link, It says: 9.5 Trial Edition, and underneath that “9.31 30 Day Trial” When you click on Download 9.6 Trial, it still downloads 9.31 file… Doh! Seems like quite a few bugs on the website still, I only hope the actual release is better.


That’s being updated as we speak. Check again in a little bit…



Thankyou, Will check back in a little bit.


Nice, they are really doing some progress with lw 9.x! : ) great stuff.


It does looks like they’ve updated some things in terms of setup for characters/creatures, but I don’t actually see anything on updates to the Graph Editor or dope sheet or anything like that(relate more to animation to me). Is there any info on those? I may be migrating back to LW if there has been some significant changes in those. Relativity doesn’t interest me very much, unless that has been completely re-written, at best it was buggy, and gave really poor results. Very nice update it would seem though. I look forward to hearing what others think. Good work Newtek.


I am really looking forward to trying this out, I’ve been using 9.5 BETA for sometime now and it really is a solid product these days. Kudos NT :smiley:

I just hope Worley sorts out his Fprime plug-in as a lot of node based functionality doesn’t work as it should!


I don’t think the graph editor has had any major updates for many years except maybe minor tweaks and changes. As you may already know the dope sheet and the scene editor were integrated together in Lightwave 8.0 and seems to work better than keeping them separate.


FINALLY drag and drop. That always drove me NUTS! I’m just shocked it took this long to have that, sheesh. Glad to see more updates coming out, though, and glad to see some more nodes.


Yup, another good update. Well done people.:thumbsup:

This might be a premature question, but is there any eta for Lightwave 10?


Hi Boone,

Not yet. We’re all still eagerly waiting some news from NT on that one. Hopefully we’ll get it soon though. They did say early on after the new year and with the recently release of 9.6, I assume it will be soon.


I’ve said it before on these boards, and I’ll say it again…NewTek really proved themselves about their commitment to their application and userbase with this last cycle of LightWave. v9.6 is as solid of a 3D application as they come and like many others, it has made me more excited for v10.

Anyone trying it, make sure to visit the over 24 hrs of free video training on NewTek’s site, it’ll get you up and going in no time.


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