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Hi all;

I’m in the process of moving all my (free) tutorials to a new site, and posting some fresh ones.

The new site is:

Most of these tutorials are aimed at a beginner user, some for intermediate skill levels. We’re hoping to post new ones pretty often, so check back from time to time. I have only a few posted so far, but more are on the way.

In the mean time, some of the old ones are still up on the old site at – that site will soom be going away.


Thanks a lot! This is going to be a huge help for me since im quite new to this:)


Cheers Im going to take a look.


Hey, thanks! It’s really nice of you to have tutorials esp for beginners like me…:rolleyes: I will go and check it out and cheers… :applause:


Thank you for theis great resource!


Hi there :thumbsup:

I agree its a great web site and helps a lot for bignners, I have gone through it and I agree that I have benefited alot from it some how in understanding the layout of lightwave and modeler; but I need a tutorial or PDF file that teaches modeling from scratch. Being and a bignner to this field.

Because I feel lots of difficulty to model a proper object e.g: I have been trying to model a simple microsoft mouse I could get the outter mesh shape but I am not able to give the details like the buttons and the scroller and the other details that comes on the mouse.

Please let me know if I could get a complete tutorial that teaches how to give detailings to an object or model (from scratch :)).

thanking you


hello and helpppppppppppppp please I have lightwave7.5 and when I try to do a render all I get is a black render window how do I get the landscape I am trying to create to show up when I renderi it Please any help on this subject will be Most welcome…
Thank you one and all


What do you see when you switch your viewport to Camera View? Are your light levels high enough and are the lights striking the objects?


Thanks for the link to your new pages. Tutorials are always welcome, I appreciate your efforts in helping others.

Kind regards for 2005



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