Lightwave Skeleton File for Motion Builder Users


This LW Skelton file was made for LW 7.5C and Motion Builder 5.5, so using it in any newer versions of LW and MB may have problems. I know the LW FBX was stopped at 8.2.

The parent bones are not needed in MB but are needed in LW for correct deformations.


in my recent desperate searches for motionbuilder quadruped rigging (both from LW and maya) i’ve found very little help online. earlier in this thread folks had mentioned or linked (the link has been removed) a “Dino” version of the quadruped rigging example. if anyone still have it, or the other generic quadruped rigging example linked in the first post of this thread (now long since dead) could you please please please send me a copy, or any other example i could use for reference. i would be most eternally grateful for any help or reference example file you could provide. what i need mostly is a Motionbuilder file example of a quadruped rig, so i can get my rigging and naming/ setup right in Maya beforehand making it an easier import into Motionbuilder. forever in your debt,


Hello, i follow all your instruction and i have all nice except the last point.

I have my animation ready in MB, i plot the character and i export to fbx.

On lightwave i don´t have the plugin to merge. i can load fbx on scene and have the option “Merge only motion envelopes”. I do it and appears my skelegon of MB animated.
But my Rigged character have their skelegon too.

How can i do to follow the Mb skelegon loaded? or how i do bad?



This is a pretty old thread; what instructions are you referring too?


Yes, is old but the only guide i find.
If you know any new way to do this please tell me about.

I have lightwave 9.6 and motion builder 2009.

I follow instruction on page 6 and too instructions on page 9, 2 ways ok on motion builder but when i export my motion to fbx and open in lightwave in my character rigged, i get a skelegon animated individual.

How can i do to my skelegon follow this skelegon.
If i parent this to my mesh dont run because frame 0 of MB animation dont have T pose.

Thanks and sorry for my english :wink:


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Thanks for your colaboration.
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WOW, this post is quite old. I also noticed the rig link is dead. Anyway to still get the rig? I’m using MB 7.5

Thanks…Dave, I hope it’s still around!


Link is now fixed. I had a change in domain.



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