Lightwave Skeleton File for Motion Builder Users


Has the bone rig been updated to Lightwave 8? I havent seen much in this thread in a while and wanted to see if there have been any updates. Is 2.3 still the current version?



I have not done anything with a RIG version. Motion Builder 6 is almost upon us and I will most certainly have a skeleton for 6.


Is there a recommended way for going in and fixing some trouble spots to get it to work with symmetry?

I brought the skelegon mesh into modeler just to get a feel for moving bones around and only some will move with symmetry on. Is there a setting that I dont have on or is this something that I am going to have to go in and tweak. If thats the case is there a tool/plugin to aid in setting this straight?



Use this sym repair plugin with the following settings, 1mm and unckeck fix centers.

Or download the skeleton file again with the fix.


Woo! Thanks for the fixup on the rig. Works great now.

Also thanks for the pointer to the other plugin. That will come in handy.



Hey 3D Dave or anyone else.

Do you guys know how I need to orient Dave’s MB rig? I mean that when I load it into LW Modeler it faces 180 degrees opposite my model. Do I rotate my model around to face the same direction as the rig or rotate the rig? It matters because I did it the wrong way before and it wouldnt work right. I just cant remember which way to do it.



I just use the reference and zeroise the rotation.
Sometimes, my rig comes back into LW facing the completely wrong way, but checking the rotation of the reference null showed it to be out.


I’m sorry but I dont understand what your saying.

“I just use the reference and zeroise the rotation”
- what do you mean by the reference? I didnt think there were any reference nulls in LW Modeler.

“Sometimes, my rig comes back into LW facing the completely wrong way, but checking the rotation of the reference null showed it to be out.”

    So you just put the rotation of the reference null at 0 degrees?  

Is there a reference null/skelegon that comes with the rig?



I thought you meant you were getting problems pulling (merging) the FBX fiel back into LW.
At that point, normally, you have a reference null in Layout to which your bones and mesh is parented and this is the master control for positioning the character to use the FBX motion as imported.
…oh silly me (slaps head) - been doing too much work in MB/LW - shoulda read your post properly :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’m even more tired than I thought :wink:


Okay - heh, how embarassed am I? :blush:
The 3DDave rig should be so the feet / eye bones are pointing towards the -Z axis, so your mesh needs to be rotated that way…
I’ve attached an image to show you…Hope it helps… (as opposed to my other rambilngs :wink: )


Hi Dave! I Heard you were working on a rig for MB6. Is there any problem with the current one? The naming convention is still the same right?


I have MB 6 but I have been swamped with other stuff that I have not had a chance to work with it. I did some test and it worked fine with the 5.5 rig, but I did not push it to any limits.

Oh, and the negative Z thing is a Lightwave FBX issue that has been there since MB 4.


:slight_smile: :bounce:
I found a problem.I use the Skeleton,but I can’t control toes of character in MB,other is very good!
I use lightwave 8.0.1 and Motionbuilder 5.1.



With help from colkai, I had toes working fine in 5.5. If I remember correctly, I had to specifiy the ToeBase for it to work. Please let me know if you get it working:)

Best Wishes



Hi, daveythegravy
Oh, Thank you for your help,I can contral toes.

Thanks again


While this subject is up I want to take the opportunity to ask about handcontrols.

I managed to figure out how to fix the toebase-thing, but can´t understand how to set up an equivalent thing for the hands. My problem is that I don´t know what bone to use as “FingerBase”.
As I understand it, this is necessary in order for MB to regard the hands as separate bodyparts, and to be able to use handposes properly (without affecting the entire arm when applying new poses for the fingers).

Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

And also, thanks alot 3DDave for your skeleton. This has been a great help and asset :D!


Whilst not initially apparent, if you check out the cat skeleton, you’ll see how the finger base is set up there, likewise toebase. may be of some use.


Thanks colkai

That sorted it out :slight_smile:

I can´t beleive how messed up this is “explained” in the manual.


Ahh, don’t get me started. :wink:
There are so many things about MB that are either not related in full, (or at all). Little “gotchas” which can throw you for a loop when learning. Now that the old MB4/5 knowledge base has been cleared, there is a lot of info that has been lost.
Alias still has a ways to go to get up to the level of support offered by Kaydara, and the forums are nowhere near as active.

Oops - looks like I got myself started there hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I think I could join you in that colkai :slight_smile:
I still find the old Kaydara forums pretty helpful, even though you can´t post there ( I can´t understand why Alias didn´t just build on those forums instead of creating their own uninviting place.
but yeyeye…

For anyone having trouble with the hand setup, and where to put the FingerBase joint, here is how I understand it should be, for future reference;

|… Ring1 - Ring2 etc.
|… /…
Hand - FingerBase - Middle1 - Middle2 etc.
|… \ … \ …
|… Thumb1 … Index1 - Index2 etc.
|… \ …
|… Thumb2 etc.

Please correct me if I am wrong anyone.