Lightwave on Linux? Will it happen?


Well this may be a old topic. However coming from XSI on linux and it being my prefered environment. I’m curious if anyone knows if Newtek ever plans to do a full port. I heard recently that LW was releasing a command-line renderer for batch renderering for linux soon if I’m not mistaken. I would like to hear more on this topic though any information is welcome. Also as a individual do you personally think it will happen? Would you like to see it happen?


The Linux ScreamerNet node is preparing for release.

Now, the question of a full Linux LightWave? Not sure on that but I wouldn’t place bets in either favor. It might happen, it might not – it won’t be next week, but who knows what next year holds.

Wow – that made MY head spin.



Well it’s deffinatly a good start, and good to see things moving in that direction even if it’s only peice by peice. :slight_smile:


I was just wondering…

… do you know if ALL of the default plugins with LW7.5 will work for render nodes under Linux ?

I know Saslite for example can not be run on a rendernode, you do all hair rendering using LW Layout (for saslite).

What other plugins will not work over ScreamerNet under Linux ?



Trust me – there will be a list available when it’s released.

Just think this – only those plugins that NewTek owns will initially be useable.

It’s up to the 3rd party to support it as well.


U’r quick !!

Thanks for the info… looking forward to it.


Okay, now I have to say mine opinion, hopefully it counts. I would change to linux immediately if lightwave would be available on it. And no, I don’t want to start another war how good w2k is, or how good linux is. This is just my opinion.


Shade – your opinion counts – everyone’s counts.

You are talking about Full LightWave on Linux, not just the ScreamerNet though, right?

Just making sure.


Incoming LW8 on linux … :applause:

Don’t ask me - just inform ;]


Don’t jump to conclusions - you might miss your landing.


We’ll see…:airguitar :cool:


I’m leaving for Linux again as I’m typing this (workstation is just being reinstalled).
LW is absolutely needed on Linux! I’ll try to help the Wine people to improve LW support under Linux for now, since nobody there has a full version. A native Linux version would be all better though.

Depending on what comes, NewTek will either get my bucks for LW8 or not. Three guesses what the deciding factor is :wink:


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