Lightwave OBJ's to Maya



I came across much concern by those who are attempting to integrate Lightwave OBJs to Maya. I found a lot of semi-misguided alternative replies that requires third party applications such as Acutranz, Point Oven and others.

You dont really need those applications if your just migrating OBJs from Lightwave to Maya…check this out.

If you cant view tutorial, do download and install current Flash media player at Adobe.

There are other alternate routes to take when integrating OBJs such as migrating through FBX formats. This tutorial is basic and will cover grounds with just LWO conversion to OBJ and allowing your UV’s to be read in Maya…enjoy!

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I didn’t know that you had to apply the UVs to the surfaces prior to exporting OBJs. No wonder that it sometimes worked and sometimes not. lol Thanks alot! :thumbsup:

Regarding your comments about PointOven, there are certanly benefits using it, especially if you are into animation, but it also comes with an LWO-importer so that you can load LWO-files directly into Maya. But as you say, if transfering objects is the only thing you need to do (not thinking about animation or whatnot), there are certanly no need for any third party tools, like PointOven.



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