Lightwave keyboard shortcuts for Modeler and Layout?


I don’t know if anyone has ever begged for this before, but I was wondering if someone was willing to let me download their own keyboard configurations for Lightwave modeler and layout. The defaults on them seem kind of silly…its just my personal opinion, but shouldn’t undo be control z rather than u…that kind of thing? Anyway I know people have some good ways of customizing so that they can work faster and I’d appreciate any tips I can get. Thanks!


I think you should customise it yourself, to your own needs, based on the kind of work you do.


I definetly agree with spending the time to make your own. Eash person works in a different way so no config is gonna work for you 100% anyways.

First thing you gotta decide is how you like to move about your program. Are youa shortcut key junky? Do you use the menus mostly? or do you use the mouse menus. Figure out this then start moveing about your tools till you figure out a good workflow for you. This will be a constently evolving process so dont think that getting a config from someone will help because in a few months it wont be anything like it.


Well I’m definately a keyboard junky, I like to use most of the tools by pushing a keyboard button first. The question i have is: if everyone customizes their own tools,what happens when you go to a new place? do you always bring your config files with you? or are you forced on every freelance job to reconfig everything to your liking? What I’m tryign to ask, is it a disadvantage not to use the defaults if you are a freelance artist? Or are their some certain configurations that everyone pretty much agrees on? Thanks again!


Maybe get one of the USB Keychain Drives and carry your configs around with you. People use Lightwave for lots of different things, plus tons of 3rd plugins that you may not have or want on your system. For example if you’re a freelance graphic designer specializing in 3d for print media you’re work flow and needs are going to be very different, than someone who specialises in rigging for a broadcast. Find out what’s right for you, I think that’s the whole point to customization.


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