LightWave Help File....Come and get it!


Great stuff, Thanks a lot!:bounce:


Perhaps there should be a link to the help file on the Lightwave website? I had to search cgtalk to find it again!


but I got problem with this all HELP… WHen using online help everything is working fine but when trying this one dowloaded and installed after clicking any contents my IE is “opening file://C:\LightWave\Online_Docs\help\chapter1(or whatever).html…” and nothing happens !


Have you tried browsing to the folder that has “index.html” in it, and clicking that?


yes this is what I did…cause I don’t have it in my start menu as it is written in redme file.


Hmm. I don’t know what to say. Can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t be able to view HTML files right off your hard drive. So when you double-click it, the web browser opens, but then just stalls and sits there with a white background? Or does it finally give some sort of error message, or lock up, or anything?


I click index.html…and here how it’s look like

and after clicking anything I got something like this and it doesn’t change:


What is strange is that the online version works? Sometimes a browser will get some sort of bug or corruption that causes some java, javascripts, or plugins to not work right all the time, and only reinstalling (or upgrading) my browser has helped. But like I said it’s strange that the online one works fine for you. As a last resort you could either 1) re-download the help files in case their was some corruption there 2)re-install or upgrade your browser, or 3) both. :shrug: All I can think of right now… sorry.


Hi wavers,
Are there mirror sites for the help file? I don’t have a connection at home and we have a firewall at the ofc Can someone please help?



I’m assuming they’re blocking the FTP protocol in general, not just, right? So another FTP mirror wouldn’t help you, I guess. Maybe you can contact Newtek’s web person(s) and ask if there is an HTTP URL to the same file? (I tried the same URL as an HTTP, but it’s not there).


Since there is always the chance one other person has had to face this; I have now tried to download the zip ile over a 28.8 modem about 7 times.

Does anyone recommend a “resume download” program, preferably freeware?

I am using Win 98.

Since the online pages don’t save, I’ve been considering: a) switching from Juno, b) going to an online cafe in Westwood and paying my $15 (It’s sure worth it) and downloading there.

Cutting and pasting using “select all” isn’t giving me the neat color pictures. Unless I’m missing some way to convert the pages to something Win 98 can save… Would Netscape be able to save them any better?

Anyway, those are some thoughts on getting the pages where one can study them at home…

Great work by Proton, nonetheless.


Originally posted by scott tygett
Does anyone recommend a “resume download” program, preferably freeware?


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