Lightwave and Vista


Has anyone tried using Lightwave (or any other major Open-GL based apps) with Windows Vista? I heard that Vista’s OpenGL performance is dreadful as it runs everything through DirectX. I’d be interested to know given that Microsoft are about to stop selling XP for release with new PCs


Most of the problems I had came from FPrime 3. So far, I can recreate the problems when working with Sub-D objects, Catmull-Clark in particular.
Just working around it till patches get released by either Worley, NewTek or NVidia. On my desktop, I’m running XP with an ATI card and dont have any issues at this point.


That’s encouraging… If it’s just glitchy but fixable then that’s an awful lot better than I was expecting. Cheers for the reply, I think I’ll wait a little while before getting Vista though.


That’s the best advice anyone can give.


Boycott Vista. It was either HP or Dell that went back to XP because of customer request.



XP works perfectly at the moment, so I see absolutely no reason to waste money on switching when performance will most likely decrease. I’m just amazed that given the fuss being kicked up about Vista by Microsoft et. al. (and the imminent halt in production of XP) that there hasn’t been more reports on what its actually like to use by working professionals.


I have two workstations, one with Vista and one without. The vista workstation has a dual boot, so I can use XP, so I did alot of tests. OpenGL is known to be very poor performing in Vista, now that nVidia and ATI/AMD have to write their own implementations now. Windows no longer gives the basis of OpenGL in Vista. I do not recommend Vista for CG work at this time.


yeah but i need 64 bit

i use xp64 at the moment but the lazy third party companies (network cards, utilities, printers) did not release many drivers for 64 bit!!!

i only hope (but i doubt) that vista will accelerate the developement of 64 bit drivers

64 bit rules! fprime 64 rules !


Help me out here, what’s the difference between 64 & 32 bit? What’s it do differently?


One can use way more RAM on 64 than 32! That’s about it!


correct me if i’m wrong but -

32bit is limited to 4g of ram (2g for kernel, 2g for apps) in windows - even if there’s more than 4g in the system, only 2g can be accessed for apps. 64bit however can get up to 128g (not to mention the 1 terabyte pagefile).

64bit is VERY nice when dealing with large texture maps :slight_smile:



I have installed lightwave 8.5 on vista without troubles…firstly I downloaded the latest dongle driver and since then everything went very smooth.

But musst admit that I didn’t find the time for hardcore testing and obviously that is not my job. But until now… no problems so :thumbsup:

…And I think it was DELL who switched back to XP…:slight_smile:


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