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hi does anyone know of a download for the lightwave 8 manual .i own and use 5.6 and recently bought the discovery 8 demo to see what it was like but it doesn’t have a manual ,it says it should have a pdf manual .and the only other i have found is on the newtech site but i’m not a registered user for 8 as i bought 5.6 from them ,do there manuals really have to be locked up are they that good lol any help would be great thanks chris:bounce:


Hi, only registered [8] user can access n download the pdf manual apparently. I was looking for the pdf myself. but Im using Lightwave at uni, so can’t get it… too bad. I think they should provide the pdf manual to the public freely. What’s wrong with that anyway? If more newbie know how to use lightwave, they will want to buy it in the future eventually. just my opinion…


well next time i buy it will be second hand .after buying 5.6 just a few days later 6 was available ,of course my distributor newmagic of melbourne seemed to have no idea that it was shipping and i waited a further 4 or 5 months to be updated ,while everyone who bought 6 a few days later than myself got the full product and manuals .also our only distributor in australia is 3000km away making contact and keeping up to date a little hard .i would of thought even the academic version had a manual ,even the demo lists it as having one .no paper one i understand but a 27mb electronic version seems a small ask ,if anyone out there would consider selling a copy of there electronic manual please message me ,i would prefer not waiting till version 9 to read some of 8’s features

thanks chris


I got into LW at version 6 so I don’t know what’s in the 5.6 manual. I know the version 6 manual contained 3 little books and each were about a half inch thick. Version 7’s manual was like a small yellow page phone book. I strained my arm carrying it around on planes. Well, the new LW8 manual is absolutely HUGE! Its 1562 pages in all. Its probably too big to clear the airline restrictions for carry on (just kidding) but it could be improved if it had some wheels. I guess that’s why Newtek charges $100 for it (the electronic full color version is free to current owners). At first, I thought it was a bit pricey but once I received it, I understand. I own a ton of LW books. This manual blows the rest away. I think Newtek finally got serious about fixing the steep learning curve of 3D software. I haven’t tried it myself since I own LW8, but you might try going to the Newtek site home page, clicking on the new 8.01 upgrade button at the bottom, then log into Newteks member area using your user name and password for version 5.6. You should get a screen with all of your Newtek software and dongles listed. Then click on “Downloads”. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a screen with the LW8 manual on it.


I got 7.5c but i’m very curious what the manual of 8 will bring.
I understand Newtek that they will not give it free to download even when you haven’t got 8.
But i still find it very pitty that i can’t get my hand on it.
So i f somebody finds a place to download the manual without you being a buyer of 8…please let me know.


Where does one get these PDF manuals? I’ve lost mine (LW [6.5] )and would love to have something to refer to.


You can download lightwave 7 doc at newtek site:

Hope this helps.


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