LightWave 8 - IK / Dynamics Feature Tease


That is somthing Lee Stranahan posted over on the Newtek forum… Interesting stuff…



:surprised :drool:


what a tease!!!
Looks pretty good but:drool:


Some more of these and my confidence is right back on track !!!


What a tease!!!..I guess Siggraph can’t come soon enough…Hope to see you guys at the Newtek party!


Yeah, that is very teasing.

Still wouldn’t mind some feature similar to pole vector controls in Maya for 2d IK chains… I would find that useful, suites the way I animate better.

That said, Motion builder is soothing my furrowed brow at the moment in that respect, its even easier.

The Doc.


Cant wait for Siggraph!!!


Whoa!!! That is really cool!

BTW Mike, Thanks for posting it. I don’t have the time to be in all the forums at once. I have to choose the ones I go to even though I do look over there sometimes.
Really appreciated. :thumbsup:


BTW, I just looked at the NewTek forum and noticed that they have another teaser too:

Notice the new tabs at the top? :drool:



I see a dynamics tab! Woo Hoo!




Holy #@!*. I thought torture was banned by the Geneva Convention.

What if you had dynamics linked directely to the IK chain? You’ll have to wait till Siggraph

Crap and I’m not going to be there :frowning:
And then theres the undo-undo-undo-undo-undo. Three cheers to NT!!!
One question though a seperate tab for LScripts? That could be just Lee’s personal setup. Not that I would complain I have one myself just find it strange they would add one as a default.


On one hand, I can’t stand these little teasers…and on the other I just want to see more. Agh! I hate waiting. At least I feel like the wait will be worth it, now.


:drool: :drool: :drool:

I whish I could be there


Here is another as well…


WOO-HOO! G2 goes native! Or at least, the realtime preview for G2! :drool:


:eek: G2 style preview and render in 3D viewport :eek:




That about sums it up :slight_smile:



Looks interesting.