Lightwave 8 feature list


Chuck Baker – NewTek, Inc.
Director of Corporate Communications

We’re trying to get an expanded listing of features ready to post as soon as we can. We were hoping to have that ready today, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to manage that.

that’s from friday so I think you might see it today or tomorrow, great news for those who are impatient


I’ll be considerably happier about the delay once this is released.

Thanks for the heads up!



Check it out. :slight_smile:




just read through them…now I can say I’m happy…very very cool (love the deformation things in modeler), and all the other things we already know…

Come on guys, now just release it…it’s beautiful!!!


Yeah, Chuck and Proton have spent time to produce a very nice and clean feature list.

There are a lot of indications on what is “under the hood” (as said by deuce)…

New communication facilities for sharing data and parameters between Layout/Modeler and plugins, and between plugins.

That sounds very nice for the next releases :applause:


Has anyone tried to right click and save the videos. Doesn’t work for me. I’ve even emailed the web team early last week. :scream:

EDIT: If you want to see the videos, you can use a FTP Client and go that route.


Very cool. :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see that fleshed out s’more. (Well they do claim hundreds…)

Their FTP server was probably overloaded iSnowboard. There is no extra HTML to make right click work. The link is either there or its not. I think the ‘extended information’ was probably their server saying “Sorry, too many connections”


It hasn’t worked in over a week, and that’s much after they posted the 13 videos. FTP works fine though. Griping aside, I think the new stuff looks great. (too bad I had to jump through hoops to see it!)


Glad I downloaded David Ikeda’s tools before they were removed :slight_smile:

He makes up about 80% of the improvements to Modeler


Freeken’ Awesome :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


k please tell me that they are more features than this becuase i just baiscally saw alot of pplugins which i had already incorporated into the program and thats it so far i bin just impress by the open gl …oh well may be there that under the hood stuff here


That list totally rocks!!! In fact the only thing that sucks is that I now have no choice but dish out for a printed manual. I can see hours worth of great reading ahead and I hate reading for long periods off the screen (strange coming from a programmer, hmm never thought about the irony before)
One question did I miss it or is there more to come? Where was the info on the particle/HV changes?


Could anyone explain the Particle2Partigon tool? What exactly would this be good for. I don’t understand the description of Partigons in the LW7 manual. :shrug:


Particles are invisible until you make them a hypervoxel or partigon. A partigon is just a single pixel on the screen (maybe more if you set the size higher…). You can texture it etc like you would a polygon.

It’s really not much more than that.


So you can’t currently turn particles into partigons, or why is this a new feature?


Well I can only venture a guess here. Originally, you had to create a partigon, THEN add emitter to it. If you created a null and made it an emitter, you had no way to get it to partigon. Does this tool fix that? Maybe.


I feel like I’m looking at an old X (motif/twm) based interface looking at those screens…not that thats bad mind you…


Hey, what you waiting for moderators, FRONT PAGE. :thumbsup:

Not worth the front page ?
Oh, I forgot this page is reserved for maya, xsi and max, btw why the hell max. :smiley:


I would just like to add that overall I think the things that they added were definately needed, and I am glad that they seem to have basically made a bunch of under the hood improvements to LW.

However overall this list is really, really disapointing. No update to Motion Mixer, No LS Commander in Modeler which is badly badly needed. No real edge tools. No rendering improvements, Rendering of instances ala XSI, Particle improvments, Sas update or viewable hair and fur solution, Spreadsheet improvments, Many Many plugins that are not part of LW natively, etc.

This is very disapointing and although it may please a lot of users that are a bit newer to LW I think most of us using this at work will find this update really lacking a lot.

Not to mention the awful interface… god I hope they have and option to revert the style back to the way 7.5 looks, clean and usable.

I think there will be some really nice tools in 8 however this is not on the level, or scale that most of us had really needed it to be.