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Hi Petterms

Thanks for the bone tutorials Ive been having difficulty getting animated cycles from lw into dir. Ive been gettin allsorts of screwed results. So ive been using unanimated mods for the time being

Im not sure how many of you guys have seen this on the fourms but heres a link to a game im workin on at the moment:

Im responsible for design, mods and layout. Ive been working with a friend thats developing the Lingo. Any comments/crits would be greatfully received.

Thanks again



fantastic resource :love:

Thanks a lot, petter,

though i haven’t touched lingo since college and i think ive erased everything i know about it from my brain :slight_smile: i know a friend who is in need of this for his upcoming project… i’ll let him know…

for the meantime, i’m saving this into my hard drive

again, many many thanks Petter



I have posted a new mini tutorial, on how to handle transparent textures and how to make them in Photoshop.


Can you explain how you got the ‘true’ 3d reflections in the floor on the architectural and car animations ?


You take a duplicate of the model that is supposed to be mirrored on the floor or road and place it underneath a plane with a semitransparent texture or set the transparency of the material to the level you want it to be.

The reflection of the car is just the outline of the carshape with a texture that fades out vertically to black, and it changes randomly between 3 textures with a slight difference to create the illusion of scattered reflection from wet tarmac.


Nice works on the tutorials and demos, Peter!

If you are a 3D Lightwave artist, and want to test some of your scenes quickly in Shockwave 3D, this app ( completely free for personal website usage ) might be fun to download and try out

It includes a sample Lightwave scene.

If you already know how to export Shockwave 3D and have an existing scene, to drive around that scene in a matter of minutes, do this…

  1. Create an object ( eg a box ) in the scene, and call it carStart. The size and position of this carStart object will determine the position and size of the vehicle ( you can re-position and re-scale this at any time, eg to make a smaller toy car )

  2. Export the scene over the gamelevel.w3d file, which is included in the download

  3. Run the .EXE ( or the index.htm file for OS/X-ers )

You should now be driving around your environment.



Ill be doing the CanDo cargame over the weekend or during next week and post my results in this thread.


Hi, i am 16 years old, live in Norway, Bergen and im very interested in 3d graphics and working with it. So i need a little help starting with it, which program is easy to use and is a program for amateurs like me :slight_smile:
I appreciate replies -.-;;


Hei Lars Erik, velkommen til forumet :slight_smile:

If you want to get work in Bergen I would recommend either 3D Studio Max or LightWave, as most companies and people here use that. If you want the most userfriendly 3D application I will recommend Cinema4D. They all export the ShockWave3D format, but also cost a lot of money. I have gotten another LightWave licence now and it costed 9400 kr including taxes.

You can also try Blender, it is free but no ShockWave3D exporter, but you can create 3D models in it, and use the OBJ to W3D converter:

Director costs 1200$ but there is a 30 day demo you can fully use:


Fortsätt skriva fler Petter :slight_smile:

How to use user interaction with havok would be nice, not alot of documentation out there…


This might be interesting for some of you,

it’s a stand-alone version of our in-house Shockwave 3D viewer ( supports Lightwave )



Click and drag to rotate, right click and drag to move around ( shift-right click and drag to move up / down )

A few instructions…

If you call your main camera…


…then the viewer will use this camera by default ( rather than auto-create or guess the camera to use ).

Keys 1 through 0 will toggle the different cameras.

Does Lightwave have a type of camera that has a target?

Hope this tool is useful for some of you!


BTW here’s an article on how to use our car app, currently on ( also supports Lightwave )


Will do :slight_smile:


This is not a complete tutorial but it has some very simple scripting for setting up physical objects as well as a mouse-click interaction with them (firing them into the air).

In terms of what is possible to do in Havok you should take a look at the Havok reference guide:


Here is a ShockWave3D rig I have been constantly working on (not happy with it yet), where I only use bones rotation for the character animation (apart from the up/down movement). The reason for this is to have a reusable animation where I can realign the bones on the neutral frame (frame 1), and when the animation plays back it will work for various characters with different proportions. I hope to build up a library of re-usable W3D animation files, so I dont have to make a new animation for each character I export.

The reason for having frame 1 as the relaxed one is that when you export an animation sequence in the W3D exporter, and you tell it to export from frame 10 to 50, it still has a split-second of frame 0 in it. Thats why I always copy all the keys from (in this example) frame 10 to frame 0 to get rid of this “bug”.


Good work Petter, nice and clean scripts :thumbsup:

Have you ever tried baking IK for w3dexport? I really prefer IKlegs so I have to give it a try…


I have created a little script that compare two models, spits out which has the most UV coordinates, and also spits out the other models UV coordinates re-arranged so it can be applied to this one as a shadow map or colour map.

It should be easy to create multitextured and lightmapped models in ShockWave now (see animated GIF of it in work or download the source code).


hi ,

petterms where are U ???!! , I have finish all tutorial U have made, plz continue :slight_smile:
I love it, I’m a fan :slight_smile:


I am busy, leave me alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, I’ll do more stuff whenever I have the time, but with Poetry In Motion around the corner, we wont have much use for ShockWave anymore (though its nice to have both in the toolbox).


If you guys are already familiar with exporting for Shockwave 3D, this competition might be interesting…

It’s to design a game level ( using Shockwave 3D and an existing vehicle based engine ).

The first link on that page will take you to a 30 minute tutorial on Macromedias website ( I’m sure you guys will be able to finish it in 5! :slight_smile:

The competition deadline is the 16th, so you have under 2 weeks to download and try out the free game level software ( PC and Mac ), and design and create your own world!



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