Lightwave 11.5 Released! (With Video)


I will post the link for the update soon.




This is a really strong release, Well done NT


Great! Been waiting on this release! Looks good! :bounce:


I have to agree, this does look like a strong and solid release. Nice work!

/ Magnus


Lots of new features that I will be able to use for everyday work. Good stuff NT!


Congratulations, LWG! Lots of good things there. And free for lw 11 owners.
Much more than I could expect!


Excellent release. While Lightwave 11 was promising, this feature packed Lightwave 11.5 brings the software back into the game. Love the After Effects integration, new softbodies and … all the new features. Well done Lightwave Group.


Yes, congrats to the Lightwave team.

I’d like to know what has also been done UNDER the hood - how much integration of Layout and Modeler has been initiated in this release?

And what about FiberFX animation?


No Alembic?


I’ve never really thought about LW but looks like there are some interesting new features, especially on the modeling side. The heat wrap thing? Why didn’t anyone think of that before? Also, their educational pricing is great.

Does anyone have any info on the learning curve for LW?


I’d say learning LW is relatively easy. There’s a wealth of training material and helpful people on the NewTek forum.

A LightWave artist is often a good generalist because learning the different areas of content creation is pretty easy.


I don’t use LightWave, but this looks like a solid release.

The renderer in particular looks good (DOF/Motionblur examples).

Well done, Newtek folks!


Wow, great job! Really cool new features. And it’s free for 11 owners!

If this were Autodesk it would take at least 5 versions to add this amount of features and it wouldn’t be free at all. You know, you’ve got to keep those subscriptions rollin’. :rolleyes: Otherwise, where’s the money going to come from for ground breaking features like “egg spline” or the ability to move your view while drawing a shape?


Looks like a really cool update but holy crap who picked the music for the video? :scream:


Excellent stuff, LWG pulled out Jocker card on this one, it’s great release and FREE, downloaded/installed, all worked fine form get go, seems very stable also. Good work NT/LWG.


A bit of Autodesk bashing is good fun, and this seems to be a fine release of LightWave, but a lot of these features have been in Autodesk products for years… It is harder to be a leader than a follower, and no matter how hard Autodesk has been trying to slow down software like Maya it is no denying that it has been a leader in its field for many, many years now.


Good, now can we back to the topic.
Autodesk is the 300 pound gorilla in the CG World.

The allmighty king of 3d Graphics and the CAD world.
Their revenue total for 2012 was $2.21 billion (With a B).

Newtek is a privately owned SMALLER company and the Lw divison under the management of Rob Powers is pulling miracles left and right.

11.5 is a great release for them. So Lets celebrate it and stop doind pissing contests.
Frankly they are dumb.

Anyway here is the feature list off 11.5


That’s exactly the way it seemed so I’m pretty interested now. I’ll probably play with the trial for a while (60 days) and see how that goes. Thanks for the info!


Lino posted this the other day, FiberFX and Bullet. Is that what you mean?

Lol, I was thinking the same thing as soon as it started.

The new manual addendum is great. 285 pages and multiple tutorials for each new feature.
Just got the parts for my new rig, can’t wait to try everything out.


I used to be crazy into Lightwave, but left the software due to it’s lack of animation tools (character animation was a total afterthought and IKBooster was broken). I moved onto Blender and vowed to never look back, but this looks like an excellent release. Also the idea of getting rid of the dongle is a godsend. I will be giving Lightwave another serious look.