Lightrig for environments in Animation Movie Production


Hi there,

First my Question: How would you setup a lightrig correctly for an indoor environment?
Further Detail: For the animated movie I am working on (as a Freelancer), I need to make sure that every studio that does the surfacing of an environment set, shares the same lighting values so that when we light the scenes afterwards every asset is surfaced/shaded in the same way / behave in the same way. I already have done a lightrig for props with an image-based-lighting (a studio-image, just a black and white-texture). But for indoor-environments, this won’t work since the hdri won’t get inside the environment.
I don’t know how this lightrig should be build. Does anyone have any insight or help that he/she can share? I would be very thankful…

More about my situation: So some time ago I jumped into a movie production for a 3D-animated children-movie as a 3D Modeler & Modeling Supervisor.
There are several different studios working together and I continued working for the producer-company for workflow & Model-checking. One day they asked me to check the lightrig one studio uses for props & now we need a lightrig for sets as well.

PS: I hope this is the correct part of the forum to ask these kind of questions…


As per my experience, the surfacing task is completed using a neutral light rig Usually a Light Dome and a directional light. For indoor lighting situations sometimes according to the environment you need to tweak the shaders of the objects. You can also generate an HDRI using the environment and use that HDRI use that in your HDRI with a Dome Light for surfacing tasks of objects inside that environment.