Lightplane Shader WIP


Some comment on this, my current building design project for myself would be greatly appreciated. I wasn’t getting the predictable results, in my own work that I was getting from the EIU sample files on using the “Lightplane Shader” with G.I.

I set about using only the “Lightplane Shader” because I heard comments thrown around that EIU can’t do internal renderings that well and I wanted an area light effect. From my results here I would have thought that EIU does a good job?

I feel I am using it successfully now though. Let me know what you think.



Hey Buggsy,

I really like light plane (our EIAS area Light), I used to make this image in EIAS 6.5 beta stage.

Tomas Egger


Hey Buggsy,

Your image is really gooood.
I really like light plane (our EIAS area Light), I used to make this image in EIAS 6.5 beta stage.

Tomas Egger


Thanks Tomas.

I have idolized that “Living Room” image since the new GI system came out. I am hopeing that I’ll get good enough with the new system that I can produce quality images like that.

Have you got any tips on using the “Lightplane Shader”?

Many Thanks



I only tried to make it like a real photo… its more a observation test.
A good tip right now… is to make fast tests… only use Light Plane with 49 rays and your Light Plane model with 49 polys, then make Ubershape models with only one triangulated poly in each surface to represent your room, so, your tests will be done with a proxy room… and when you get a good quality in your light… use it in render passes to yuor final job.




Hi, Michael

LightPlane is a version of soft shadows for plane. Generally, LP is same slow and noisy as “standard” soft shadows. The amount of noise depends from a plane’s size relative to your scene (same as larger light’s radius requires more samples). The corresponding between count of rays (LP) and count of samples (radial light) is:

count_of_rays = count_of_samples * count_of_samples * 3 / 4

So, default soft shadow quality (12 samples) corresponds to 108 LP rays (facets of LP plane).

#Rays Min parameter plays a role of “Optimize Shadows Generation”. For each point the shader stops calculations if all #Rays Min rays brought same illumination (full light or full dark). Otherwise all rays defined by #Rays Max will be cast.


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