"lightning storm" module...


…I wish! :wink:

been creating lighting for a lightning storm…the “flash” that illuminates the dark of the night/storm… don’t need to see the lightning itself…

the way I have been doing it is by animating/keyframing the light, from 0-100-0% intensity in short bursts or duration…about 10-12 bursts per 750 frames.

I’d like to automatically “randomize” it a bit without me having to individually re-key everything by hand and I would like to change it a bit from scene to scene without having to re-key either

any ideas? thx in advance


Try CS Tools “Flicker”.



Use Xpresso, use a noise or random node through a condition node to control your lights flicker (e.g. if the noise/random output is higher than 0.8 then turn the light on, if not then off, the result will be that 20% of the time your light will be on and 80% off, change the condition value to change that percentage, change the seed in the noise/random shader to have different flickering in different scenes).


my first xpresso! complicated huh? :wink:

proof that Per can help anyone!


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