Lightning question?


Hi, guys!
This is my first post here at CG.

I have used Lightwave for about 1/2 year and have succeeded producing some quite nice images, but I have this one question for you:

Check out the link below.

There´s one spotlight coming straight from top and that´s the only light in the scene. None of the materials have reflection or luminosity. Also no radiosity. My question is:

Shouldn´t there be a lighted “cone” coming from the roof to the floor and the upper corners of the room should be in a dark shadow? Now the whole room is been lighted altough it shouldn´t.



Ambient intensity (in the Global Illuminations panel) is at 25% by default, set it to 0% to make areas which recieve no direct light pitch black. It should normally be pretty low (0-5%), except when using radiosity. If you want a visible “lighted cone” check out the volumetric options in the light properties panel.



never had thought that ambient intensity would affect even if radiosity is turned off.



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