Lighting tutorial part 4: indoor and artificial lighting


it’s cool. The light on object is so realistic


hi great work i wanted some tutorials on lighting please can u give me iam working on maya
mentalray thank u

Edit: Since this is being stickied I’m including a link to the start of the article for those who haven’t read it before:[/QUOTE]


Thanks friend,its really usefull and your obsevations are really great.


I just found this excellent tutorial/article. I’m so glad I didn’t find it two years ago as I can’t imagine waiting so long for part 5, or the book. Please hurry as I’m dyin’ to learn more!


Hey frog (aka Richard Yot?)

i realy like your tutorial - helped a lot!
Right now i am working on a students project (i am studying computer science)
and was thinking of using some of it as a reference. As always websites are not that cool to use (non acedemic etc.) but anyway i just wanted to ask which companies you are/have been working, for or to say it in a different way… where did you get your knowledge about lighting?

Also i am very interested in texts about the creation of mood with lighting… So far i found some good texts from Jeremy Birn (his books are very cool) and a realy nice artikel from Sharon Calahan (“Storytelling through lighting - A computer graphics perspektive”)…

Maybe you have some more texts that are aimed on the creation of mood with lighting or know where to look?

-Rasmus H.

  • Student at Aalborg University Copenhagen - Medialogy (5.sem.)


Hi there,

just to reply to that last post, I got most of my knowledge about lighting through observation, although photography was a huge help in getting me to notice stuff - painting even more so for the really subtle things.

My book is finished finally - sorry it’s taken so long! It will be coming out in the spring and it has two chapters devoted to creating mood and setting the scene, as well as a chapter on composition and staging. When it comes out I will post links for anyone who might want to buy it, I expect it will be in April 2009.


wow! i LOVE this tutorial! very refined.


This is absolutely what i need. Your opening statement says that it might not be needed, hogwash, “to those who may think so”.

I am a fully fledged newb and proud of it lol :eek: and my biggest drama is rendering, i can extrude, bend, stretch and scratch my … all at the same time but rendering just simply freaks me out and it’s holding me back, Seriously…

Now that i’ve found your writings on light, i will have a good understanding of where i’m going wrong, with lighting and camera setups, thanks very much.


PS: make sure you put the book details here so i can buy it, also can i recommend a PDF version :curious:


it’s so awesome thanks for the detail tutorial


Excelent. thanks alot for the tutorial!!


Nice work buddy Can you send me this tutorial


This is fantastic! Well written and easy to understand.
I got more out of reading your tutorials than I got out of reading several books on lighting.
Thanks a lot for sharing these!


wow, this is very in depth and informative. i cant thank you enough for this write up on lighting :thumbsup:


vrey nice tutorial,thanks


This looks like the place to post this, i just did a simple 3 point lighting tutorial on my blog, i’m not the biggest lighting person if anybody has any tips or advice or places to go for lighting places pls send me a msg!

thanks in advance!




This tutorial is fantastic. Looking forward to the book. Thanks!


very very thankful to u.


thanks… this is just what i was looking for.


great work.