Lighting tutorial part 4: indoor and artificial lighting


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Thats awsome elaborate tutor of understanding lighting!


Love it… This guide is brilliant… Hope you get to publish your book…


wonderful tutorial man this will really help me out in setting up lights


Thank you, the tutorial is very very helpful to me.


great tutorials.

another groundbreaking article, i’ve learned a lot from it, observation is best when two people collide their minds which leads to learning.

a lot of observation runs through our mind and it’s good when we see ours to others that confirms it much indeed a reality.

i’ve also knocked down the other articles and they are worth reading.

looking forward for coming articles.


Render your sequence in tga 32 bit images with no environment. Then in your compositing or editing softwre you can remove the background(via alpha channel)


Fantastic stuff, being a student studying 3d, I found it hard to find tutorials and text on proper real world lighting, its all just simple 3 point stuff and nothing to help simulate the real world, I find this a fantastic refrence and has helped me a lot with lighting my scenes. Thankyou.

I hope that your publishing contract goes through, I dont buy many books becuase I generally cant afford them, but this would be a book that I’d buy straight out.


awesome and great. appreciate it more thananything


That a really in-depth tutorial u got there! great work!

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great tutorial!!! thanks!!!


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I really enjoyed reading your tutorial which is not only very informative and well writen but done in such a way it leads the student to think by her/himself (no long list of rules to follow but observations on how things are, why they’re so, how they can also be) and a huge incitation to do the most important think : observing how things are instead of just seeing them.
Besides, your whole site is well worth a stay, a lot of interesting stuff, artworks as well as tutorials and your blog.
Many, many thanks, you’re site is a great and pleasant ressource :slight_smile:



Awsome tutorial! I just joined here and things look great, especially if this is the kind of stuff i can expect here! Cheers!


Great tut. Amazing explain.


Your web site is a bible, when does the book come out?


I have been looking for this tutorial for a long time. Finally I found it, and it is great! :thumbsup:


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Ur site is just amazing… i dont think any1 else can giv a better explaination!!
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Really good work n awosome tutorial