Lighting tutorial part 4: indoor and artificial lighting


Excelent. thanks alot for the tutorial!!


Nice work buddy Can you send me this tutorial


This is fantastic! Well written and easy to understand.
I got more out of reading your tutorials than I got out of reading several books on lighting.
Thanks a lot for sharing these!


wow, this is very in depth and informative. i cant thank you enough for this write up on lighting :thumbsup:


vrey nice tutorial,thanks


This looks like the place to post this, i just did a simple 3 point lighting tutorial on my blog, i’m not the biggest lighting person if anybody has any tips or advice or places to go for lighting places pls send me a msg!

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This tutorial is fantastic. Looking forward to the book. Thanks!


very very thankful to u.


thanks… this is just what i was looking for.


great work.


Sweet tutorial man, thx.


great tutorial.


Thanks so much for these tutorials :slight_smile: :bounce:


Really cool tutorial, thanks so much.



Very Helpful .


very nice, i like it


let me see…
thanks man!


Awesome stuff, I like that your tutorials use comparison photos! You’d think in a field that relies so purely on observation there’d be more tutorials like yours with pictures. Thanks!!


this is gold, thanks!!