Lighting tutorial part 4: indoor and artificial lighting


it’s so awesome thanks for the detail tutorial


Excelent. thanks alot for the tutorial!!


Nice work buddy Can you send me this tutorial


This is fantastic! Well written and easy to understand.
I got more out of reading your tutorials than I got out of reading several books on lighting.
Thanks a lot for sharing these!


wow, this is very in depth and informative. i cant thank you enough for this write up on lighting :thumbsup:


vrey nice tutorial,thanks


This looks like the place to post this, i just did a simple 3 point lighting tutorial on my blog, i’m not the biggest lighting person if anybody has any tips or advice or places to go for lighting places pls send me a msg!

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This tutorial is fantastic. Looking forward to the book. Thanks!


very very thankful to u.


thanks… this is just what i was looking for.


great work.


Sweet tutorial man, thx.


great tutorial.


Thanks so much for these tutorials :slight_smile: :bounce:


Really cool tutorial, thanks so much.



Very Helpful .


very nice, i like it


let me see…
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Awesome stuff, I like that your tutorials use comparison photos! You’d think in a field that relies so purely on observation there’d be more tutorials like yours with pictures. Thanks!!