Lighting tutorial part 4: indoor and artificial lighting


Hi everyone,

I’ve finally finished part 4 of my article, it’s taken a little longer than I would have liked due to work commitments unfortunately.

The next parts are going to take a few months, again due to my workload, so please be patient. I’ve got a lot of very intresting things to add but it’s very time consuming to write, it will hopefully all be worth waiting for though :wink:

You can jump straight to the new bit here:

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Edit: Since this is being stickied I’m including a link to the start of the article for those who haven’t read it before:


Stickied. Was wondering when you’d give us an update :slight_smile:


Things always take longer than they should :wink:


i am having a hard time getting my lighting setup right in some of my Max images. Hopefully this will help. Thanks.


This is a very well written tutorial that have a lot of detail observations and basic theories about natural and artificial lightings. This is a must read for all the CG artists who are having trouble with lighting and want to improve their images quality, myself included. I benefited a lot from this tutorial and can’t wait to read the rest. Frog, thanks for sharing.



Yay! Thank you for the new installment - another very interesting and useful read. :thumbsup:


Brilliant, thanx! First one was really excellent, looking forward to this one!




Looks really interesting! Bookmarked!:thumbsup:


tnx a lot man
very cool


thanks ,very good work:thumbsup:


so useful! thanks!


so useful for me! tks !


Thank you! i realy need to know how to use the lights


Exteremely useful, thanks so much! Can’t wait for the rest.


great tutorial. Thanks man!


Would you know how one can render an animation in 3DS Max to achieve a transparent backround? Please.


Thanks buddy… that what i was looking for.:slight_smile:


Many thanks!

Printed this off to study on the train tomorrow morning!

Looking forward to the remaining chapters


Thank you very much!
I see that you’ve put a lot of time and effort in this and we really apriciate it!
Really looking forward to the rest.


wow this is just gr8. i’ve been searching for something like this for ages. thnx a lot for this. u rock.