Lighting Setup for Shiny Pastel Reflective Colors


I want to use the standard renderer to create an animation like this. It’s easy to displace the geometry using a noise shader, but I’m not sure how to go about the lighting and material setup for something like this:

How many lights should I use? Where should they be placed? What types of lights should they be? What material would I apply to the sphere?

I would greatly appreciate a detailed response.


Honestly, this is not dissimilar to a previous question you’ve asked and I replied to here:

It would take playing with the settings shown in the first half or so of the video, but you’d get there with experimentation.


Actually looks like a reflective object with fresnel and blur, and dissabled shadows .
And probably GI enabled in render.

To do that in the standard renderer try applying the first attributes then make a sky object for the background and 2 discs with luminance, one pink one grey-blue. Put both of them behind the camera, the pink one top left the other bottom.

Lights are not necessary. I used only one light just for specular reflections

test.c4d (293.5 KB)


This was very helpful. Thank you!