Lighting Help 3DS Max


I hope this is in the right forum, sorry if it isn’t.
I’m practising some lighting techniques (garghhh… have no idea what i’m doing)
I have a project that looks really washed out and almost black and white in the background.
I have 3 rectangle photometrics in the model… how do i make the colour deeper? Or does anyone suggest a different technique?

Thanks in advance



Whcich renderer, which kiund of exposure, camera, lihjts etc.

Easiest way to fix this would be to adjust the saturation in post, using a z-depth pass to mask based on the distance to camera.


hi, thanks for your reply. Using mental ray… photometric lights… exposure details etc in image.



What happens if you switch the reflections off on the floor?

And is it a plain grey environment?


yeah it is… now come to think of it i’ve heard about environment maps before. Will give that some research. The joys of teaching yourself!!! :smiley:


Just thought i’d post this with an environment map… looks much better and solves the other issue i was going to tackle about putting the model in to an image :slight_smile:



Looks good. Perhaps a little out of place. If love to stick my couch out in a meadow!

I’d that a HDRI, I meant to say look that up.


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