Lighting / FX showreel 2010 Houdini,Maya



This is some of my work which I have completed at various facilities. I have used Houdini and Maya to complete the shots.

Lighting shots :
First shots were done using Houdini ,GIJoe underwater shots were done using Maya rest of the jobs were done using Houdini.

Effects shots :

Prince of persia shots where done using maya fluids rest of the shots were test shots done using Maya as well.

C&C welcome




Dear Zohaib, I enjoyed watching your animation about lightning and FXs. really cool. How long have you been doing this? I only practice about 9-10 months in Maya. I already posted a few reels on youanimator com . I hope to be very successful one day and I hope I will be able to make animations like you one day. :wink:


Nice reel. To bad there’s no sound on it (or may be it’s my pc working bad). I realy like the baskeball renders.




Thanks for the comments guys,

Anna: I graduated in 2008 and ever since have been into industry and worked on the following project. Some of the projects are from my school like the Candy attack, hanging Castle and stop breakdown.

Jdrese: That show was done in houdini it was big team effort we were pleased with the over all effect. PBR render (Physically based renderer) which is a new fun stuff in Houdini.


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