Lighting Demo Reel Feedback



I would really appreciate some professional feedback for my animation lighting reel. I’m a 3D generalist working mostly in advertising and I’d like to switch industries and work in animation. I know it’s not an easy thing to do so any bit of advise or feedback to help me along would be much appreciated.

My portfolio here on CGS is mostly complete, and you can view my reel below. Thanks!



Can’t critique, it just all looks amazing to me.

mabye it’s a bit lengthy? keep it to 3min max is the only thing off the top of my head.
but yeah, wonderful lighting.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m just a few seconds over 3 minutes in this one, but I’m going to add another more realistic render to it. I’m going to have to cut something out. Should I just do away with the turntables for that one project and make this purely a lighting reel?


This is a great reel starts out strong but does feel like you are showing almost everything you have done as apposed to 3 strong projects. There are a few pieces that feel much stronger than others so go through and ask your self if any of the shots looks older or less resolved than the rest. I would be ok with the first half of your reel with a few revisions.

I would like to see you take a scene like the restaurant scene and show me how you would light it in a evening scene or overcast. Every lighter benefits from showing the same scene lit different ways.

With out getting nit picky there is a lot of work in here that’s generally fun to look at. Spend your time showing me a variation or how you are thinking about lighting and not volume of work as much.

Some really fun shots in there*