Lighting & Compositing Reel 2014 by Peter Hostyanszki


Hi everyone!

Here is my latest reel! I hope you enjoy it:)



Amazing work! :smiley:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Wow, You did some awesome stuffs, Super awesome work buddy. Good luck!


You should know some years ago I came across one of your montages. This particular one also appears in your reel. That shot has inspired me and acted as the trigger that put me back into 3D. Since I’ve watched that scene I’ve been pushing my 3D skills from intermediate levels, always trying to achieve the same levels present in your reel. I’m still far but I enjoy what I’m doing, so thank you.


Awesome! Nagyon jó :).


Amazing wonderful work :applause:


Amazing work!
CsudaszípmunkákBRO ;)!


Beautiful work! How is it to work at DIGIC pictures? :smiley: Because I really want to go to work there one day.


awesome work!!


Thank you everybody!