Lighting: Character lighting setup?


I am trying to set up lights to display a character I recently modeled and I am wondering what people think the best setup is?

I’ve worked a bit with simple 3 point light setups, and a very simple skylight with lighttracer on, and they don’t really give me a solid enough look.

Any tips? Maybe GI? (I’ve never used GI before though, so I would need help with that too =P )



Create a skylight.

Hit 9 (rendering, advanced lighting)

Choose light tracer,

Render the scene,

Tweak shaders, add omni lights, get familier with settings.


for a lot of scenes, using a really dim skylight is a fast way to fill out the light in your scene. Then use your point lights for the main lighting.

GI allows you to do realistic illumination with optional Indirect Illumination to fill out your scene for the most realism. I don’t know much at all about working with scanline or mental ray. I use Brazil for all my photo-real work.


Thanks, I’ve been playing around with skylights as of late, and they are starting to grow on me. Although I’m becoming spoiled with all the wonderful bounced lighting that I want to use it in all my animation. Ugggh. :smiley:


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