Lighting Challenge #9: Neon and Chrome


This is an old challenge now, this thread is archived. If you scroll down to the Challenge #9 section of the downloads page, you’ll see that the models can still be downloaded for your tests, and also that a gallery has been made of top entries. Feel free to browse this thread to see what others have posted, even though you can no longer post here.

Lighting Challenge #9 is on-line!

The main challenge here is that a truck is moving through an environment lit by neon signs and flourescent tubes and light bulbs, and of course the truck itself has headlights and taillights. This is a bigger, more complex scene than some of the lighting challenges.

  Here's  an image that JCBug posted on page 12 of this thread:

Here’s a picture that YamYam posted on page 12:

Here’s a picture that Pane posted on page 13:

Here’s an image that HamburgerTrain posted on Page 13:


  This scene was modeled by Christophe Desse and Matthew Thain. Christophe requests that the truck he modeled only be used for non-commercial purposes. Please credit the modelers if you use your renderings on your web pages or demo reels.
  This is an image of the truck he modeled, as rendered by Christophe Desse.
  Download the scene files here:



  All shading and rendering techniques are fine, as long as the scene is lit in 3D. Modeling changes are OK, including hiding or deleting objects, adding other cars, animating the scene, etc.  Matthew Thain carefully modeled the parking garage to appear detailed around the entrance area; other parts of the garage are not as detailed.


WoW you weren’t messing around this time!

Should be fun.


Waw, this look amazing! and really big, actually. Lots of fun indeed quite promising! You know how to make people happy Jeremy :thumbsup: :applause:
Hm, i assume the best output of this scene is video format. As it will gets much more tricky to render (and then compose) it in motion.


i really hope that i would find some time to participate …
i always wanted to do a new version of the truck


Hi there friends
Thought I am new here, I’ve been watching this light chalenges for some time.
Great, impresive work I have seen in here, and learned many tips.

Now, I wanna participate (hope, noobs like me can enter the chalenge…) :slight_smile:
I’ve tryed to download max file, but it never worked (I sopose it’s becouse I’am useing the previous version of max (7) then modeler).
So I wanna ask you what to do when I import *.obj file? What about tekstures, and camera position? Should I made my own textures, or leave the scene gray?

Anyway, I’ve imported the obj scene for this chalenge, and I’ve tryed to iluminate it. There is just a couple max default materials (like concrete asphalt), and my old shader for the car.
Everything else in the scene is dark gray.

Comments for this WIP is very wellcome.
So, it’s your turn :slight_smile:

3DS Max 7
Scanline render
Render time 40 sec.


wow, it’s very generous of those 2 to give out a scene (with that kind of effort put in) for a public challenge. Looks like it’s going to be a great challenge.

Hope I can find the time to join.


Now this one has me interested :slight_smile:

Going to have a play tomorrow.


d4rk3lf -

Welcome! Yes, some work on materials and textures would be a good start. There are also lots of lights inside the garage, so some light would be spilling out from there. Depending on what camera angle you choose, you might even see inside the garage a good bit.



Nice scene ill give it a try :slight_smile:

Again max 9 screwed faces … maybe becouse of booleans or something :confused: dunno, most faces are flipped.

Here is fixed max9 file : added layers of car, fixed geometry :wink:


Maya - MentalRay


Awesome challenge (and it really is going to be a challenge). Thanks for the great scene Chris and Matt (and Jeremy for posting it)…hopefully I’ll get enough time to work on this one for a while. Can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Thanks again!



Subscribed! This is going to be fun! :thumbsup:


I hope you do :slight_smile:
it’s gonna be nice to have the one who created the original scene participating in the challenge.
thanks alot for the scene BTW.

Nice challenge Jeremy,:thumbsup: thanks alot…
I’m in…


A quick test…

What I don’t get is… is the guy planning on backing into the garage? He’s at the entrance, not the exit…!? :wink:



OMG, just noticed that - spent half of Sunday afternoon texturing it too - LOL.



I guess he’s British? :slight_smile:

Very glad to see you onboard for this one, MasterZap! If you move the truck for your next test, Christophe was also suggesting that it looks better with the front wheels turned a bit.

If I edit a new version of the scene, I’d also be interested in why the center of that ‘P’ is filled in your render…



احنا مش بنتهدد يا استاذ
لو شفتو في الحرب اقتلوه




Very glad to see you onboard for this one, MasterZap!

Don’t count on too much, I’m quite busy. A little weekend tinkering was all I could find time for right now…

If I edit a new version of the scene, I’d also be interested in why the center of that ‘P’ is filled in your render…

An error w. the .max version, apparently.

You know, I find it odd that now, in 2007, a simple model made out of only plain dumb trianlges can’t be passed correctly between two softwares? sigh



too bad… i didn’t partecipate to the previous challenge only because the file was a mess - and i had not enough time to fix it :expressionless: same with this one?


Agreed; I would have loved to do the hallway, but the .max file provided was a mess, and importing any of the formats generated even more messes. sigh

But no, this file is nowhere near as bad, it’s only two/three of the texts that are screwed, and text is trivially redone in max anyway.