Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


saw earlier that this thread was still going, had started this a while ago and decided to finish it off.


@ Colettte ggod start, try to use a texture that does not show seams. Good lighting


hi jeremy,
i was overworkig the whole and using different textures.

i still missed to make some displacements, but i will add them @ sunday to it : )

how u like the new one?


Hello all, a bit late in comming, but here is my render. Hope you like. Thanks for the fun challenge :slight_smile:


i only noticed that after i posted the image, i was concentrating more on the lighting. :blush:
the while reflects on the floor and walls are from a grid light gel. thanks. :slight_smile:


titanwong31 - Nice scene! I like your use of color and texture. I’m not sensing much illumination from the sky. There’s a sunbeam, but apart from that I don’t see light from the bright-looking sky entering the windows from all the other angles, even the windowframes you’d think would be brighter.

L33tace - Try to get rid of those grid patterns, whether they are coming from the lights or the textures or both. It’s probably too early to comment on the lighting, but overall things look very flat, and you need to light selectively, based on where there would be light in real life. For example, if light is supposed to be coming from those windows, then there wouldn’t be as much light down underneath the stair landing as there would above the landing. The use of color is something else to think about: right now, everything is purple and pink except for those two blue boxes, which makes them stand out as the most eye-catching part of the image.

- Good start on the texturing, now let’s see some light!

- Nice scene!



okie dokie Jeremybirn, thanks. there is a grid in the texture as well. i may work on it again later, currently working on something else.


hi u all
here is my wip max 9 mr dayligh system


Here is another update. Please comment and critic.Tq.

Titanwong31 - Nice scene! I like your use of color and texture. I’m not sensing much illumination from the sky. There’s a sunbeam, but apart from that I don’t see light from the bright-looking sky entering the windows from all the other angles, even the windowframes you’d think would be brighter.

Jeremy Birn - Thank you for like my colour and texture, and all helpful comment and critic


I totally agree with those saying " is addictive to play with colour". Me myself also get addicted into playing with it. Below are the images i did colour correction in photoshop using the original image above. Hope you all will like it. Please comment


I’m a beginner, comments welcome.


it’s starting to look contagious, too… hehehe
you are rendering out seperate light passes, aren’t you??
one thing about your color corrected versions that I noticed is that the textures do shift color it’s not only the lighting… it’s very clear when you look at the foot steps color in each image specially the blue one…
Try rendering the textures in an image completely seperate from the lighting passes…
all you need is an “ambient pass”, and “Lighting passes”
you can make light passes that carry only lighting information by rendering your scene with those lights turned into pure white and all your objects having a pure white lambert shader (you might want to include the bump in this pass)

in compositing multiply the ambient pass with the sum of all your color corrected light passes
my Addicitve color corrected images of this challenge were done this way… link

Try it out, and enjoy your color addiction :slight_smile:



Someday I want to visit India. I was just looking at some pictures of the festival called Holi where they positively seem to be OD’ing on color:
You can see it in the art, too:

titanwong31 - I like the original colors best, mostly because the others look like digital false-color treatments, not like natural colors organically integrated into the scene. You might play with saturation, too, and desaturate the brightest things like the lightbulb itself so it goes above yellow into white. Also, the edge of the light from the lightbulb seems too abrupt. It’s not that the shadow needs to be softer, it’s just that you want another glow that is dim and warm and goes beyond the edge of where the light itself ends now.

thebogdan - Welcome! See if you can find out why the lightbulb and shade are getting that kind of polygon shading. For the light from the window, see if you can get more diffuse skylight in the area near the window and tone down the fog effect. For the light from the bulb, try to make the bulb itself and the lampshade the brightest, and soften the shadows on the walls.

izrut - Hi! It looks like you have some light that isn’t shadowing or occluded in that scene, areas like the floor stay bright even going into the back corners. Keep going with the lighting and the surfaces.



Hi Jeremy,

It’s very late I am posting my contribution for this great lighting challenge, but I am quite satisfied with my Render.

The lighting has been tweaked in 3D-Max, this scene light up with One Direct lighting which is my main source light from out side & Environment light as my skylight.

I have used two more lights to make this scene more dramatic, Spotlight & VRayLight sphere.
I wanted to give some moisture fell in this render; I hope I could manage to give the same look as I thought of.

I have also used Photoshop for little brightness & color corrections.
Anyways this scene took my three days for all the textures, some modeling correction and VRay settings.
I would like to have your expert C&C

It has been great practice of lighting and texturing for my very first VRay output.

Karan Singh


That’s really good KaranSingh, I think the one with the central patch of light is the best, the spilt blood looks particularly life- (or should that be death-) like.


Oh thanks for the reply friend…! Actually it’s not any human’s blood it’s that house’s blood coz to me its alive home like us.

Actually I have visualized this haunted hallway a alive place like us so its hurt and u can see its with blood just like us…!


Karan Singh


Please have look on my effort jermey




karansingh - Nice start. Textures are good. I don’t really see much light from the sky: there’s that beam of light from just one of the windows, but not much light coming from all the other directions through the two back windows otherwise. I also don’t see much light from that lightbulb, it doesn’t see to illuminate the floor and walls as a real bare bulb would. Maybe you need to be bolder with the contrast, let the light sources light things, but of course also still find some deep dark areas as well.



thanks jermey, let me do as u said i will post it again. keep on tellingme my mistakes.




[left]MinaRagaie - thank you a lot for your comment and way to improve on it. I will try it out soon.[/left]
Jeremy Birn - thank you once again for your comment.

here it come the changes, i have done some changes on the light bulb and render the glow seperately then comp it.