Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


Well done, reminds me to work even harder on the next challenge. Congrats and keep it up!


“Maybe make a screenshot of the front page and save it.” :bounce: It’s the first thing I did when I saw my image on the front page !..:slight_smile: Thanks a lot jeremy and all of you at cgtalk for this great oportunity. Now I’ll prepare a post with some of my techniques (I learnt a lot in this production so I have to make a “résumé” of all I did), I’ll post it as soon as I can, maybe with a last update of the image (tentacles grrrr :scream:). This image is not perfect, and all that tou said is right, jeremy, that’s all I noticed that was perfectible. So, see you soon with the next post.

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Hi to all.

Here is my render done with vray. Small postwork. Thanks


Hi there. Wow really inspiring work in this thread.
@ hardwork, looks like its paying off (!)

I just wanted to ask if anyone would please give a few pointers on camera settings,
specially for the original Dan Wade image.

It looks like there’s a certain distortion and a low angle that seem to be working together.

Any clues on aperture, lens, fov and the like? Is it wide-angle or fish-eyed (?)
Really nice creepy horror feel to this one :twisted:


Simple test.


Quite GOOD ;p Maybe less haunted because of the amount of light tho, but I love everything else.


Thanks for the appreciation, fortunately there is no absolute meaning of the word ‘haunted’, so I tried a maybe rather idyllic interpretation. :slight_smile:


WOW! I really must take some time out and read through this amazing thead here. I am thrilled to see my concept has sparked so many incredible visions of the same piece. Fantastic work everybody, bloody marvellous!

I’m off to fix a drink and I’m going to settle down for a good read of this. :slight_smile:

All the best,
G x


i m on it :thumbsup:

i can’t open the 3d max file

it give this error:
unknown clas, no stand-in: superId =0x860 Class ID …


I had a boring evening :hmm:


ANTIFAN - Welcome! I hope you enjoy(ed) browsing through your thread. This hallway you designed is really becoming a classic excercise in lighting, and I’m sure people will continue downloading the model and practicing with it for many years into the future.

delerium - I guess it’s too early to say much about the lighting, maybe watch some Film Noir dramas like The Third Man to do visual research, and think about how the gun could be defined maybe mostly in silloette or with some rims and glints to play up the metals.

hasse32 - Maybe switch which software you’re using to unarchive the .rar file? Or if you have an older version of Max consider trying to import some of the other supported file formats instead.

cowdude - Not sure where you’re going with the yellow blotch yet so I won’t comment on that, but as you move forwards consider some variation in terms of the saturation on the image. If all of it isn’t so uniformly saturated, then the colored areas will pop out more.

storman - Nice job! It looks like there’s a little bit of a halo around some of the steps right below the sunbeam that could be a light leak. Surfacing on the floor looks good, if you extend that to the stairs and other woodwork it’ll really add to the image.



I am still at near the bottom of the learning curve for 3d. The “blotch” is from a red flashlight, which is hard to see in the render.


There’s no substitute for hard work!

I guess Dan’s too busy lighting broomsticks to answer, so I’ll take a stab at it.

There’s no DOF so no relevent aperture setting.

It looks like about a 10mm lens, that’s a wide angle with about a 140 degree FOV (depending on your film back of course.)

While this is a wide angle shot, there doesn’t appear to be any spherical distortion (like barrel distortion or fish-eye distortion) added. It does appear to be scaled a bit taller and thinner (or more likely rendered with a non-square pixel aspect ratio for the same result, maybe 1.1 or 1.2.)

An interesting excercise could be to bring it as an image plane (Maya term for a background image) into your 3D software and try matching the perspective in wireframe. I’d guess that the camera is positioned all the way back just inside the rear wall of the geometry, but not much further back looking through it.

My best advice (other than checking my book out from your local library :thumbsup: ) is to try to simplify what you’re working on. Focus on one light source, such as the bare bulb, or maybe some other source like moon light coming through a window, and work on that and test render until you have that single light really looking really believable. Don’t add any other lights to the scene until you’ve nailed the first one and test-rendered it in isolation.



This is my second light sketch with this scene, I have not enough time to finish it on the next week but I try…


@ jeremy

Thanks so much for taking time to answer my newb questions (!)
Yes I’ll take up on your plane suggestion should I get around to attempting this render.
Just trying to learn the Cg camera a little more. Great that you have an FOV for me :slight_smile:
Yes my camera was already low at the end of the hallway.

Preety amazing the Cg camera and lighting techniques (!)
Loving this thread. I’m only messing around with Renderman (and plugins) at this stage and don’t have a lot of textures to play with. Also trying to juggle between my own projects and getting something done. My reel is still a long way these days (…)



hi !

here’s my haunted hallway image.



Hi everybody

As promised, I post here a little tutorial on how I did my entry in this challenge. There nothing really new in my method, but that’s always good to remind the steps.

Of course if you want more explanation, post me your question in this forum

Good end of week-end :slight_smile:

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Spent the whole morning trying to absorb this thread by osmosis and decided to give a shot.
5 lights, AO mat, no gi, no post
Theres probably something going against the law of physics in this shot, anyway the light is very standard positioned, the biggest achivement i made was the high contrast lights wich i tought was quite hard to get straight from the view.

and thanks for the thread, great learning


my name is Alex and this is my first post in this forum.
I use this challenge as a chance to make my debut. I hope I have done well.

I'm primarily working with Cinema 4D and I used it for this scene.
It took me about 6 hours worktime for texturing, lightning and rendering.
I used 9 light sources, rendering time was 5 minutes and a half without GI.


I used normal maps to add visual detail to the objects. (eg, the tiles on the wall are made from a flat poly then i used the normal map to make it look like each tile was sticking out.)