Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway


Hi all, I’m new here
This is my posting for the lighting challenge. C&C are very much welcome. Thank you


Did a little quicky in about 25 mins + 7 minutes render time.

I don’t think I got a haunted look. It’s quite challenging. But ah well…


Here is a first texturing test.
I worked on lights too, adding some bouncing lights, and improve the radiosity.
Hard to work on colors cause’ I would like to keep safe that “cold and livid feeling”…
I will test different options i think… :slight_smile:

Feel free to critics! :wink:

JCBug ->
wow, great feeling, i love it!
How about to add a bit of blu color in shadows?
And why not adding some large and subtle map in the diffusion canal of walls and floor?
Just suggest… :wink:
Realy nice work ideed, congrat!!!

youarefood_04 ->
Great feeling here!
And realy nice cam angle too.


A colder version, playing with the multi-pass render in Photoshop.
I will try to improve textures now…


thanks patrick!..thats a great idea…i might just try that one out…

Thanks Anthony! i intentionally didnt turn on the light coming from the window. i want it to be really dark inside.with only the illumination coming from the camera or flashlight.hehe…cool image you got there…

it sure is…i’d be using that light quite more often from now on. thanks!

i’m on vacation right now. i just needed to check the challenge…so yea no renders from me too…hopefully when i get back at work, i could finish texturing the scene. and adding more particles and volume in to it…anyway…

good luck guys! have fun during the holidays!


i made quite simmilar scene about a year ago, inspired by gary tonge’s - the room picture, because i really like the atmosphere… link

really cool scene for lighting challenge :thumbsup:


@ JCBug, really good work, love the mood of the scene and overall toning. I would have put a little less reflection on the right wall overall great image :slight_smile:


Nice job and good lighting. Hope you didn’t already get this. The first thing that jumped out at was the texture along the cementbase of the stairs I like it but maybe theres to much bumb mapping? and i think the scale might be too big.
Nice job on the marble and wall on the left of the image!


No you pulled of the haunted look in my opinion. It’s got the mood! one thing i like about it is the textures on the wall though very veiny. I dunno what you were trying to achieve but it looks kind of more of a wall paper then peeling walls but that thought only matters on what you were trying to achieve. The hot spot on the floor seems to hot for the lighting in the scene too. but again i like the walls


Hi, this is my scene.
I use xsi with mr.
No Gi or FG, only three pass, color, occlusion and volume light.
Compositing: fusion


My try:

Done with mental ray for maya. Thanks for watching, cant wait for your critics and comments!


This one is great and mine looks pretty primative compared… but you got to start somewhere I guess…

Where do I post an image of my own.

Do I just stick it in this reply? A s aJPG? Size etc… I did not see any adive in the rules on this?




Thank you for your comment and critics yencaray!

I have repaired that wall texture now, and tryed by the way to improved that render/lights/shaders…
Feel free to comment, and critics. :wink:

I think that I will work on the same point of view, but by night in a room full of fog… just an idea of another composition, and another feeling… I will try !!

Floze -> nice lightning, and i love all the details everywere (mud on the floor, vegetation on the window, …) well done !
i’m a bit disapointed by the choice of lights (even if i think that it’s a really great render). That one under the stair is realy heavy (as a hot sunny day) but it seems to be the night outside. And you choose to put one more light on the first floor… I think that your “multi-lightning” is hard to “understand” quickly.
Why not put this one off, working with blue light of the moon, and improved that light under the stairs with less intensity, and a bit of volumetrics?
The brick wall is really great too… but how about to “break it” with another shaders on columns?
That floor is perfect for me !!!
Just my point of view, nothing else, but i hope it will help you.

André Agenor -> realy clean render, is it with Maxwell?
You should focus on that second columns i think, to improve the dephtwith a front DOF.
I think you should improve that cam angle too, to find something more “frightening”.
(the cam closer to the floor, or with a lil rotation, ???)
Another time, just my point of view, nothing else!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the critics! Fortunately I dont have to explain every single light, as it might get illogic… I wanted to create a certain unnatural though still half-way realistic basement feeling, there is actually light coming out of the floor for example.

…to make it look like most of the other (mostly great!) renderings here? :wink:
Everyone has a certain idea about that ‘haunted hallway’, I wanted it to be a bit different.

Thanks! Eventually I’ll give it another shot!


akwavox - In terms of color, maybe the red lampshade is too much of a center of attention in such a colorless scene, I’d play with either toning it down or putting warmer more saturated colors a few other places. Maybe there could be a bit more bounce light on the lower parts of the wall near the blown-out part of the floor, and on the slats of wood in the white window?

floze - That’s a great start (I guess we expect great things from you) Some parts of it look a little flat, especially the left third of the image and the floor, maybe some more kicks of light to establish directionality or some highlights and shadows…?

André Agenor - Looking good! The foreground colums look a little flat, maybe they could go darker? And maybe we should see something out of the left window, if the right one is so bright?

jacquess - That’s great! Maybe the light bulb could get a little more reflection or rim light, and there could be some rim on parts of the stairwell to bring it out?

BlumenKohl - That’s a great start. Probably you could work more on the textures for surefaces like the arches/columns but green light is always good for a haunted look, and if you could get the shadowing or occlusion for all of the lights I think the shading on the walls around the edges of the arches could get better.

reside - Good start! Maybe there is some light that doesn’t cast shadows?

BsBs - Looking good!

frame13 - Keep going! Inthe dark some areas don’t really read yet, and for light areas sources like the lightbulb could go brighter.

JCBug -That’s great! The window is basically working, although the round flare around it could probably be brought down while the glow around it could go up. The hanging lamp doesn’t look like much of a light source yet, maybe the bulb needs to brighter if it is supposed to be turned on?

Liumiao19820823 - Good start. Keep going!



Another “stained glass” one from me:

[edit:] And now with some parti_volume fog, to make it extra cheesy:



Hi Peter.
Yes, you can attach the image to your post, look the icon insert image in the top bar when editing your post.

You can use to upload your image and use the direct link that this site gives you when your done.

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I just got tired of colorful renders and did one with line thickness varying instead of tone… this test is done in MR, with the brightness from a Lambert shader and MR Occlusion Texture driving the thickness of lines in a Maya cloth texture on everything.



Love all the images… I just want to add one but don’t know how so I will try this…

link to image shack

If I knew how to put it in the body like you all do I would… any tips… is it osmething to do with tags?

Thanks all for the inspiration…



I just tried one with image shack

When I click in the insert image or the add hyperlink… nothing happens.

I relaize these are moronic questions but I figure once I get it right I can spend more time getting better at the lihghting part…

Thanks for your reply