Lighting Challenge #31: The enchanted forest FINAL GALLERY SUBMISSION


Please post here your final images :slight_smile:


Here is my final piece for the enchanted forest. Once again, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this. Thanks for providing the scene Gorgio. Looking forward to subsequent challenges, what better way is there to learn. I hope you guys like this. Rendered with mentalray maya.


Here my final picture.

Thank you for the challenge and for this oppurtunity.


Love these challenges cant wait for the next one!


I see this challenge from the first day, but i don´t have time to start the image. I have two vacation day and i have try to make my best, but i dont have time to introduce a lot of elements in the final image. This is the more far away i can go. In the next challenge i will try to start from the first day to archive more accurate results. Excuse my poor english, and congratulations for your fantastic works.


We are the best in what we do!
Thanks for the challenge!


the thread is now closed. :wink: I will select the entry and make it a final gallery :slight_smile: