Lighting Challenge #30: Old school Smoke, no Smoke


Well done!



Last week I was looking for a good excuse to learn my way around octane render, and run into your challenge here. Thanks for setting it up, i enjoyed working on it.
My image is more or less final, altho some materials could be better. Might still give it another go before the deadline we’ll see.

For lighting I used a hdr and some 10k emissive polys inside glass marbles. So a lot of noise initially but octane takes care of business nicely.

Done with octane + lw.

What you think?



My image. What do you guys think?


Thank you CHRiTTeR !

Oh and thanks for this challenge jojo1975 :slight_smile:


You have still 10 days to post your final images here so we can select them for a small final gallery ! :wink:
Enjoy LC 31 which is HUGE !