Lighting Challenge #30: Old school Smoke, no Smoke


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Hello ! It’s Giorgio From Collective dream. I remember when I started the first Lighting challenge. It was very funny and I hope I can give a bit back to a wonderful community who always helped me in improving (I hope). So I decided to start with a quick and simple one.
it’s a minimalistic still life. Actually they are two. I remember I modelled them since a friend of mine asked for a challenging scene for shaders and lighting. The idea was to have something that can be rendered in “photorealistic” way.

You can download the obj scene files from the following link


Donation in other format are very wellcome.The obj was tested for import both in Maya and Max and worked ok


[li]If posting your own rendered images or video of this scene anywhere out of this thread, please credit Giorgio Luciano for the modeling.
[/li][li]Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.
[/li][li]Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
[/li][li]Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
[/li][li]Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
[/li][li]Ask questions and give feedback
[/li][li]Enjoy yourself!
[/li][/ul]I will also open a thread for ideas and merge it with a sharing thread.
There is no fixed deadline for now but I hope to have a new challenge every 1-2 months, depending on the feedback given. If you wish to share any scene, or model together some scene, pls send me a private message.
Good Lighting



"This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright. "



Fixed, mirrors added


References for the coffee scene !

Coffee at Nan’s di Rock Steady Images, su Flickr


the smoke image was inspired by this one (no copyright infringement intended it was used as a reference)


Not quite the dynamic scene I was hoping for, slap in an HDRI, job done. Not for me, need something more of a ‘challenge’ :wink:


well… try to slap an HDRI and let’s see the result. I can assure it’s not so easy at it seems :))))


So stoked to see this still going. I personally think this is a awesome start. Gives the opportunity to focus on the subtle details of our lighting and materials. Thanks Jojo will be posting an image soon


Guys, if anyone unwraps the scene first, could you share? If I make it first, I will. I think we should try to help each other so others don’t make the same monotonous job and jump right into the lighting. We could also start with tweaking other’s textures, if someone wants to share.


Thanks for putting this scene up Giorgio! I thought I will never get a chance to work again on the lighting challenges. I just saw it today and couldn’t stop myself from giving it a shot.

Here’s my first test render. I am getting some weird pattern issues on the liquid and salt. Need to debug that. It surely is not one of the complex scenes, but its not easy either. Need a lot of love and care :slight_smile:

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Softwares: Vray for Maya and Nuke.

]( Uploaded with[/IMG]


Thank you Mr. Luciano. This is the silver lining in the cloud that I’m hoping for. Beautiful scene


Wwooo … Try To Do Something In Shaders
Best Of Luck Buddy


Here is my first version of the scene rendered in Indigo.

Until now I focused on a overall light situation using a HDRI and then set some light by hand like the one for some little caustics and reflections on the drink.

I still need to light up the two boxes in the back better, and define some highlights etc.


Hello to all !
Great entries so far !

@niravsheth I will change the texture of the table and also the color of the chair. Also I will add a bit of dirt to the spoon and also a cylinder unwrap to the salt and pepper. probably I will try to add a bit of contrast to the whole image. Less light from the left, a bit more dark in front and a rim light in the back of ketchup bottle. Keep Going !

@ArthurStaschyk great entry ! the shaders look perfect. I will just add a bit of dirt to the ashtray in front of the image and change a bit the displacement/bump on the left near the glass. Also it’s quite light and so a bit distracting in comparison with the glass. I will add a bit more caustic and a bit of light in the top of the image.



Thanks JoJo,

yes, some fancy caustics would be great, will have to experiment here a little more.
I already worked out the ashtray situation and set some extra lights, here the wip:


Very glad to see a challenge again!

I recomend this article to the less experienced people like me:


Just throwing in my First WIP. Just my first pass at getting my materials and comp together. Still needs tons of texture and lighting work. Im enjoying this one


[b]prestonplatt, ArthurStaschyk

[/b]Great results so far!! Keep going!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Giorgio, that’s amazing theme, I love the concept and it’s pretty inspiring. I hope I’ll get something to post here soon. Will you add your version too? :bounce:


Hi all

This is the first look of the scene, please comment .


ScallyFox Thanks I cant wait to see what you come up with!

ArthurStaschyk Looks awesome! Only thing I could point out is that vase/Glass at the back could use a little more love.

This is my Second WIP Its getting much closer just adding more details to make it more organic and living. Still exploring. I remodeled some of the pies. Loving this challenge already learned alot about my Vray materials that I didnt know about. This is straight out of Maya