Lighting Challenge #3: Hairy Hare


Wow guys nice stuff !!
kary, I like your new composition a lot, very nice ! Shadows are working great.
kevb3d, good start. Now just put one light enable shadowing and let us see what you get. good luck.

kaelmd, very nice too, maybe the depth of field is too strong I guess it toke ages to render out right?
SoLiTuDe I’ve just seen your tiger-bunny looks cool lol.

I’ve thought it’s interesting to try the night scene setup, here is what I got

Keep it up guys.


Hi Kaelmd -

Nice work!

The night one is a little too uniform in tone, and have a very saturated blue that doesn’t quite work.

The day one is really nice, but the composition doesn’t really lead your eye as gracefully as it could to the rabbit. I feel as if my eyes settle on the orange center-foreground areas, where the ground looks soft and fluffy. Maybe the rabbit could just be bigger and taller, so his back cut into the bright orange area that is a few inches above his tail now, that could make him read as a more integral part of the composition?



Hi Kary -

That’s looking good; I especially like the first one (the one you attached as a thumbnail.)

The part that looks dark to me is not the environment, it’s the rabbit, especially in the dark triangle above his eye, and the brightness of the eye highlights and reflections. If that dark spot could get brightened, and a nice eye highlight helped his eye read a little more clearly, I wouldn’t think it was too dim at all.

There’s something glowy about the one you attached, even in the darkest cracks of the brick wall or under the grass there is an ambience that doesn’t seem to come from anywhere. Maybe something somewhere in between, with special attention to the rabbit eye area and getting occlusion under things that touch the ground?



Hey Lazzhar -

That’s great!

Nice nighttime feel to it.

The bright area on the horizon really seems to highlight that thing (I think it’s a flower) sticking up there, maybe if the bright area were moved to fall behind the rabbit’s ears then they wouldn’t look too bright and the scene would look more like a portrait of the rabbit.

When it comes to eye highlights, I don’t expect to see them on the very edge of the eyeball where reflections would be blocked by the hair (like eyelashes in a human) around the eyes. Maybe that highlight could be smaller and farther in towards the center of the eye?



Yes you are right. I think it would be a better composition, I’ve just matte-painted the highlights on the eye as an ultimate solution :smiley:



I like the progress you’ve made on this thing, and I really like the night lighting you have there with the rim light on the fur. I also want to thank you for your input on mine. The shadows made a difference, I just had to find them and use them without getting too much contrast hahahaha.

Here’s my second attempt, I’m going for an early morning feel:


kevb3d -

That’s great!

Nice colors and variety in the veg, great detail on the rabbit’s head and nose and eyes.

The fog is working well. I wish the sky were a little brighter, and maybe that it wrapped around the ears a bit more (that’s an easy thing to do in the comp).

There’s one part of the rabbit, the ears, that keeps catching my eye. They have these hard edges in them that don’t look as organic as the rest of the image, and the smooth pink area isn’t textured like the rest of the image (it’s more saturated too), and I’m wondering if there are fixes that can be made with the fur (like some tweaks around the edges, and a new fur description that just adds some light peach-fuzz to the bald area?) or if the texture could be fixed, or if there are things that could be done in retouching to fix them?



Lazzhar, tx for taking a look :slight_smile: I really like the night scene that you’ve come to, the rim across the back is especially good. Jeremy’s point about the light tone on the horizon makes a lot of sense, I wonder about the flower on the left being in a warm colour and that near the front of the frame. Since it’s warm in a cool comp with a complex shape it really seems to pull the eye back into a small section of the piece.

kevb3D, nice and dreamy feel. Really good work on the foliage, great variety etc. As per what Jeremy said the inside of the ear jumps out at me.

Great critque on my trials with fur guys, thanks.

As the eye is very small in this I went with a straight white highlight, it seems to read ok.

To combat the darkness of the rabbit I added in a soft warm light from camera left, it gives a hit of definition to pull the leg out of the shadow and add a light line at the front of the chest. I also turned the model a smidge and got a better highlight on the left cheek and the barrel of the body at the back leg.

I’m doing a diffuse glow and keeping everything pretty warm – I wonder if it would be more effective to have the rest cool and the rabbit warm. I hope to be able to get the rabbit unwrapped tommorow tommorow and play with some variety its his colour – tried to drive them with a quick vertex colour system earlier and they were extremely blown out for some reason. Looking at it now the SSS on the ears is over the top, and the defintion on the front leg and chest could be stronger as well. Definately one more time round I guess :wink:



THANKS for the critiques! The ear is bugging me, even after looking at reference photos, but now I have a direction. Jeremy, I wish I had your eye for detail “right now”, but I guess that comes with time and LOTS of practice. I looked at one of my cats, and there isn’t much fur on the inner part of the ear, but there is fuzz, which another fur description could cover. Also, you nailed the texture issue. I was trying to get it translucent, but I still need work on that. Maya is a beast, but comp is where the magic happens. I’ll do your suggestions and I’m sure it will help those darn ears LOL!

Kary, thanks for the positive comments, and you’re right about the ears too. I really like the direction that your image is going in. The wall and grass adds to the image and helps to draw the eye to the rabbit (subject). You’re nailing the translucence and sss on the ears, and I like the hard shadow due to time of day. The thing that gets me still is that the rabbit is a bit dark and very fluffy. If you look closely, and I didn’t nail this either in my first pass, a rabbit’s fur in the wild is more matted and exposed to the elements. Maybe rough it up a bit. Possibly make the fur a bit wider at the base or a bit more roll, etc… just a bit though…experiment. You’re doing that anyway though as per your post. I’m psyched to see where this one goes. It’s looking great.



Hi, sorry this took so long but I have been real busy. I am posting some screen shots and settings as I spent a lot of time on this and put my new Dual Opteron Boxx through the ringer.

I have 2 spotlights in the scene one in the back of the bunny and one directly behind the camera to simulate a flash photography look. I’m using Fluid effects for the clouds and environment fog. The grass is done with a variety of paint effects.

For the Flash spotlight behind the camera I changed Decay Rate to Quadratic.
I increased the intensity to about 378 and I increased the cone angle to around 110 and the dropoff to 44.

I used Depth Map Shadows with a resolution of 1024 with Use Auto Focus Unchecked, filter size 2, bias 0.001 and fog shadow intensity to 1. I added Fur Shading to this spotlight and used Shadow Maps for fur shading Type.

Position the Flash spotlight and group it in the center of the camera as shown in the image above. Middle drag the spotlight onto the camera in the outliner.
This will group them to the camera ensuring that when you move the camera the light and reflector will follow.

In the Maya Software Render global enable the options shown under Paint Effects Rendering Options.


Yay ! Thankx Man This helped me alot :slight_smile: Thnkx for sharing ur Knowledge and 10x for describing in detailed way :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

This is my first shot at fur using maya. Tell me what you think.



hi guys,



is this challenge over.
I think so.
I would have liked to take part … maybe next time.


You can post new rabbits in this thread whenever you want. The gallery will go up soon though, and most people are working on the latest challenge #4.



Hey Jeremy,

This is my version of the Hairy Hare Challenge. How can I improve this image?



Malene -

That’s looking good! The lighting direction on the fur should make the front of the rabbit brightest, try to find out why the fur is going so dark near his nose and get a nice brighter area along the front of the ear fur and head. The lighting on the nose skin, ear skin, and eyes looks a little bright in comparison, maybe that could be brought down a litte? Otherwise it’s looking really solid./



My try on the rabbit. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


qqlan -

Terrific work! That’s one of the best here! Congratulations!



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